BUFFALO, NY — What a difference a season makes — even though we've had many heavy rain events this summer we are actually below normal with rain.

That's quite a change since this year became the the wettest year on record before June even hit. Meteorologist David Thomas, at the National Weather Service in Buffalo, says it was even an all time record.

“January 1 through May 15, it was the wettest period out of any 147 years in Buffalo,” Thomas said.

But we've had a shift in precipitation for the summer and so far, we are actually running below average.

In June, Buffalo's summer rainfall was 2.21", which is below June's average of 3.66".

In July we did see 4.65" of rain, which is above the average of 3.23".

As for temperatures, it's felt very warm, but that's mostly because it has been humid. The summer overall so far has had near average temperatures. We still haven't hit 90 degrees yet.

Temperatures for the month of June were in the 60s and 70s mostly, and only a few days made it above 85 degrees.

For July we saw mostly 70s and 80s, but only one day above 85 degrees, putting the month at below average.

Next up, we could see a weak El Nino year setting up soon.

“We could be back into a weak El Nino by this coming winter,” Thomas said. “However, it's not going to be a strong El Nino like what we had two years ago when we had abundant warmth and very little snow”.