BUFFALO, N.Y. - This isn't what fall in Buffalo is supposed to feel like.

A second consecutive day of record-breaking heat on Monday prompted school districts across the region to implement various safety measures and, in some cases, reschedule or postpone sporting events and practices.

With temperatures eclipsing 90 degrees, a Buffalo Public Schools spokesperson said the district will offer water stations from their Food Service department over the next few days, in order to ensure no student dehydrates. The district has also placed large fans in the hallways of the buildings, in addition to smaller fans added in most rooms across the district. Most administrators and teachers are advised to keep their windows open and keep shades drawn at least half-way in their rooms.

The Frontier School District is also closely monitoring the heat index. The athletic director has made sure football players will get a water break every 15 minutes, and players are practicing without full pads due to the scorching heat.Trainers and coaches will take necessary action if the heat index reaches dangerous levels.

The Twitter account for Orchard Park Athletics also notified students that all outside practices from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. were rescheduled or canceled.

Ken-Ton Athletics tweeted that soccer doubleheaders were pushed back due to the heat, while JV games were canceled.