BUFFALO, NY — We are wrapping up the climatological summer now that September starts on Friday.

It was not an average summer for severe weather with four tornadoes on July 20. Two of those tornadoes touched down in Erie County, in Hamburg and then in Holland. Also two tornadoes were reported in Allegany County, in Rushford and Angelica. All tornadoes caused damage.

Western New York on average sees two tornadoes per year.

In terms of rain and temperatures, it was a pretty average summer, but the months of June and July had different amounts of rainfall. June received 2.21" of rain, below the normal of 3.66".
And then that flipped to July with 4.65" of rain which is well above that average rain of 3.23".

During that month we did have record rainfall on July 13 when 2.29" of rain fell in just a few hours flooding many roads, including in Buffalo.

Winds were above average for June and below average for July.

The Lake Erie water temperature started out the season with record warmth, increasing from 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 73 degrees Fahrenheit just during June.

Now off we head into fall!