BUFFALO, NY - High winds have caused tens of thousands to lose power around Western New York.

As of 7:30pm, there were still 21,434 National Grid customers without power. National Grid say they expect 90% of those still without power to be restored Friday evening.

10,481 NYSEG customers are still without power. NYSEG has 100 line crews working around the clock to restore power. They say they expect 90% of those still without power to be restored by Saturday evening.

Utility crews from outside WNY were called in to help restore power.

"The extent of the damage is turning out to be fairly dramatic in a lot of areas. A lot of broken poles, a lot of wires down, in many cases, whole sections of wire down, entire streets. So it's clear that we'll be working these outages certainly all the day tomorrow and probably well beyond. That doesn't mean all customers will be out that entire length of time. We've got crews working on restorations right now. We will have at least some crews working all night," says Brady.

Brady also reminds people to be safe if you're using a generator tonight. He also says food can stay safe without spoiling in your fridge for up to 24 hours and that it's okay for up to 48 hours in your freezer.

You can check restoration times here:


National Grid