We've all heard the phrase "March in like a lion and out like a lamb".

The first half of that statement certainly held true last night as winds in some places gusted over 60 mph. But the second half of that saying can be a little harder to nail down...out like a lamb. The old piece of weather folklore is probably more likely tied to Astronomy. The constellations Leo and Aires are more prominent in our sky at the beginning and end of this month respectively.

Back to the weather.

March can play host to weather madness as we lift out of the heart of winter. Leftover cold air and blossoming warm air compete for real estate across the Lower 48. The shoving match sparks stronger storms like the one we had Wednesday night and can also provide temperature swings at any location in the country.

During March, our average highs are climbing and our days grow longer by almost three minutes each day by the start of spring. The monthly average temperature in the afternoon is 42 degrees. But it's been as hot as 81 degrees and as cold as -7.

March is also the only month out of the year where Buffalo has recorded a high of at least 80 and a low below zero in the same month.