For the most part, winter has evaded Western New York. January and February finished well above average and the first week of March followed suit.

But global weather patterns are favoring the return of deep-winter-like chill for this weekend and most of next week. High temperatures are expected to stay in the 20's until at least Wednesday with lows some night falling into the single digits.

A strong northwesterly breeze tonight and Saturday will mean wind chills near zero and light lake effect snow showers focused on the Southern Tier.

Things get a little more interesting on Tuesday. Forecasters all across the Northeast will be watching a potential Nor'easter that will likely develop south of New England.

The strongest part of the storm will stay well to our east, but if the track and intensity are just right, we have a shot at widespread accumulating snow. If the storm shifts to the east, expect dry and cold weather. A little more to the west? Still cold, but at least some snow to go along with it.

Snow or no snow, here's the bottom line: bundle up for the next few days!