LEWISTON, N.Y. -- High water levels are continuing to cause problems for homeowners and business owners in Niagara County.

We've shown you a lot of the damage its done along Lake Ontario, but people who live along the Niagara River are having trouble, too. Farther up the river, surges of water are damaging property in Lewiston. The rising water is high enough that the Village has removed several of its docks.

Not everyone can do that though, depending on how the docks are made, and some residents feel a local company is compounding the issue.

They say that Niagara Jet Adventures, which starts in Youngstown and travels to Niagara Falls and back, creates huge wakes when it passes through the Village.

Suzanne Buckholtz says it's always contributed to erosion, but now with unusually high waters, she feels its making things worse.

When the water swells, it submerges entire docks.

Buckholtz and her husband are concerned it's causing damage underneath their deck, too.

“We usually have three feet under there...when the water’s not high,” Buckholtz said, pointing to a dock half under water. "And that's also our electric down there.”

Buckholtz said Niagara Jet Adventures out of Youngstown seems to travel the fastest. Neighbor Patrick Mahoney agrees.

"The wake comes off the Canadian shoreline and comes back, so the second wake is usually the one that's more active than the initial one,” Mahoney said, describing the effect the boats have on the Lewiston portion of the Niagara River.

Mahoney runs a boat club on the river, and he is experiencing the same problems with his docks and deck.

"We raised [the docks] up a foot, we're going to have to probably raise them again because we're told that the water level is going to go up another 4-6 inches, maybe 10 inches, which is a cycle, but compounded by the additional rain we've had this year,” he said.

Both Mahoney and Buckholtz say that Whirlpool Jet tours, which operates out of Lewiston, has made changes to its routine and now goes slower when it passes through the Village.

Niagara Jet Adventures, they say, has not.

"The only one you can control, or try to control, is the boats going through,” said Mahoney.

Basically, these residents want the jet companies to be "good citizens" and take it easy when they go through the village, at least until the water recedes.

Channel 2 reached out to Niagara Jet Adventures both by phone and by e-mail on Wednesday; We did not receive a response.