BUFFALO, NY-- Lake Ontario is getting all of the attention for high water levels, however Lake Erie is running very high as well.

This year has been the second wettest year on record for the Lake Erie watershed. All of that rain and melted snow in the watershed fills up Lake Erie. Currently, Lake Erie's level is 20 inches higher than normal for the month of June and is at the highest level in 20 years.

The water level is also just under six inches shy of an all-time record.

Having said that, there have been no reports of erosion or damage. That could change if a strong southwesterly wind were to develop causing high water levels to pile up on the eastern end of the lake.

Luckily, these kind of winds are not typical in the summer season, as that is more of an occurrence in the fall and winter months.

The one issue that relates to Lake Ontario is that a high Lake Erie flows right into Lake Ontario which will help keep Lake Ontario's water levels high.