BUFFALO, N.Y. - Esther Montes can barely sleep. She's worried about her relative in Puerto Rico, especially those living in wooden homes.

"They can't contact anyone, not even 911 because of all the wind. They can't get in touch with nobody," she said.

Montes spends her time working and watching WAPA, the TV News Channel in Puerto Rico that can be seen on cable.

The last contact she had with her sister was Tuesday evening via text. Her sister wrote: "Hi everything is going well, but I'm a little scared, even (though) we're prepared."

Zoraida Reyes spoke with her mother Tuesday evening. She was "a little worried. I spoke to them yesterday, I can't get a hold of them today so it's a little hard. My mother and father are over there together. You could hear it in her voice, they were scared, they were very scared."