WESTERN NEW YORK -- After Thursday's tornadoes and thunderstorms, many of you brought insurance-related questions to 2 on Your Side. We sat down with Doug Benz from New Buffalo Insurance Agency to address some of those questions.

If someone isn't covered, what can they do?

Options are limited for homeowners without insurance coverage. Those residents may be able to receive some government assistance if the state sets up an emergency fund for uninsured homeowners.

What would be generally covered under a traditional home owners policy?

Homes would be covered for tornado or wind damage. Coverage can vary for water damage.

What about downed trees?

If the tree just falls in the yard, there's no coverage for that. If a tree falls on a house and causes damage, or blocks an entrance, your policy may cover that.

What is recommended moving forward?

Look over your policy, especially if you make changes to your home. That's a good opportunity to take a look at your coverage and see what you need.