BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Thousands of people woke up Wednesday morning to power outages and down trees all across Western New York following high winds.

A strengthening area of low pressure crossed Ontario to our north which helped whip up the strong winds.

The severe gusts caused trees to topple down and crews worked through the night to clear roadways and restore power.

A tree came down on a home in Lockport around 12:30 Wednesday morning. No official word yet if anyone was inside the home at the time.

Crews also responded to locations along Broadway Road in Lancaster for down trees and downed signal lights.

Here are some of the peak wind gusts:

Niagara Falls 64 mph

Batavia 64 mph

Dunkirk 64 mph

Buffalo Airport 60 mph

East Aurora 60 mph

It will remain breezy Wednesday, but the winds will certainly slacken off as we move through the day.

Damage was also done to a former school building at St. Aloysius Church in Cheektowaga. Some time overnight, a combination of plywood, aluminum and foam insulation flew off this building, which is used to hold activities like bingo.

The wind was so strong that it carried all of those materials, across a road, landing on several homes. Luckily no one was injured. The biggest chunk of roof crashed down in one backyard, crushing a power line and knocking out power to one home. National Grid was called in to cut the power off so cleanup could begin. Other residents here had some minor cleanup to do in their yards.

Across the area, we've seen a number of trees taken down, falling onto roads and homes, causing a lot of headaches. In Cheektowaga at St. Aloysius, there are no holes in the roof, so the building still can be used.
A temporary roof has been put on.