LOCKPORT, N.Y. -- All the rain we've gotten across Western New York is having a big impact on outdoor sports.

2 On Your Side visited Outwater Park in Lockport Tuesday to check out the soggy field conditions and talk with a Section VI official about what this means for high school baseball.

Jim Conley is the Section VI Baseball Chairman.

"There's quite a few makeup games. In fact, I'm getting phone calls. Timm Slade, the Section VI Executive Director, is getting phone calls. He's going to Albany tomorrow, and we're going to try to get some special permissions to try to overlook some of the rules, but I doubt that it's going to happen. So, we're just going to have to deal with it," says Conley.

With sectionals starting in less than two weeks, the Lockport High School Varsity and J.V. teams are making the best of a soggy situation. They are practicing inside on most days until the field conditions improve.

"The field drains, it's just the amount of water we've received yesterday down here. You wouldn't believe the water that was, that came down in about 20 minutes. It was bad, which is going to maybe take two or three days for this to dry out, and with this kind of weather we're having today, I doubt if it's ever going to dry out," Conley says.

If teams don't get all their games in, this could have an impact on the rankings. Conley says they can't extend the season because you can't move the state championships.