BUFFALO, NY — Behind the scenes at the Buffalo Science Museum, there are many hidden and never seen before items.

"750,000 objects take up a lot of space, so what we do is rotate those items through the exhibits, and when they are not on exhibit they are in their storage spaces, and our storage spaces are really cool," said Kathy Leacock, director of collections at the museum. "The P.G.T. Black Collection, it's material from the south pacific, it's about 6200 pieces and we've had the collection from 1938. And there are a lot of those pieces that have never been exhibited before... you can't put 6200 pieces on exhibit."

The behind the scenes tours are available to the public and cover many different subjects.

"Architecture, you can come in and do our Anthropology tour, we also have one of our Zoology Collections," Leacock explained. "Part of museum work is how to care for your collection and that comes out in the tours too."

And with the official start of fall almost here, the leaf collection is ready.

"We actually have a large botanical collection... about 120 thousand give or take...pressed plants," Leacock said.

And with Halloween right around the corner, the museum has its mask collection available, and also a two headed calf originally from Lancaster, ready to be viewed.

"Our behind the scenes tours, we offer them every month... there are evening tours and there are daytime tours... and as long as people keep signing up, we have had a great response, then we will keep offering them," Leacock said.

For information about tour times and topics, check sciencebuff.org and there is a link to the Behind the Scenes Collection Tours.