Western New York faces little threat from the effects of Hurricane Matthew, but WGRZ heard from many who used to live here who now live or are on vacation in the path of the storm.

Photos and videos from these viewers show homes boarded up, palm trees against gloomy skies, grocery aisles cleared out and homes stocked with necessities as people prepared for the worst.

Jessica Brown, a Hamburg native, recently moved to West Palm Beach. Over the phone Thursday, she told 2 On Your Side this is the first time she has missed snow.

"I'd take a blizzard any day over a hurricane," Brown said. "Everybody's very tense. It hasn't hit yet. We're supposed to get hit heavy where I am about eight o'clock [Thursday night] but we're getting those outreaching fingers of the storm now so it's raining, it's grey, it's windy, the waves have picked up. It's going to get nasty."

Brown works for a local hospital and is an "essential personnel", meaning she cannot leave the area.

She said she and her family have boarded their home and are hoping to just ride it out.

Buffalo native Jack Echeverria, relocated to Jacksonville, Florida where he said he and his wife plan to also ride out the storm.

"We're treating it kind of as a blizzard," Echeverria said. "Just being prepared and letting the professionals do what they need to do."

The Jacksonville Mayor, Lenny Curry, did issue mandatory evacuations for some areas of the city, but Echeverria said his home is at a slightly higher elevation, outside of those evacuation zones.

By Friday afternoon, Echeverria reported that they had been without power since 1 p.m. and trees and limbs were down all over.

Another Western New Yorker, Linda Miller, was with her family on vacation in Myrtle Beach. Miller is from North Tonawanda.

She said the mandatory evacuation, due to Hurricane Matthew, forced them to move to a hotel further inland.

"It's very very quiet," Miller said of the conditions Thursday. "Eerily quiet almost. We've come down here more than a few times in the fall and we've never had anything like this. Nothing at all. It's very overcast today. Some wind."

Miller said her family got one of the last hotel rooms available around Myrtle Beach. They, too, will ride things out and fly home Monday.

Another family from Niagara Falls was on vacation at Disney World. They said the park closed Thursday at 5 p.m. and they had been stuck at the resort ever since.

"I think the locals here are kind of like we are in Buffalo," Debbie Carroll, from Niagara Falls, said. "They tell us it's going to be feet of snow and we kind of just go 'oh, it will be ok.' So I think that's kind of the way everyone here kind of felt. Sure, it's a hurricane. We're used to those. We'll be fine. Of course we did a little more freaking because we're not used to a hurricane."

Carroll said Disney World sent them a message that they are confined to the resort until 7 a.m. Saturday.