EDEN, N.Y. -- After flooding inundated many parts of Western New York, there's another weather event that has many area growers concerned: A Freeze Warning and Frost Advisory for most of Western New York.

That means many plants and flowers could be in danger of freezing. 

When it comes to growing things, farmers like those at Agle's Farm in Eden have the experience. They say some of the heartier vegetables like lettuce and cabbage, if they are in back yards, should be OK in the cold. 

Farmers have also obviously been affected with delayed planing by the rain. 

But now with the frost, more sensitive stuff like peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes could be affected. Some flowers could also die with the chill. 

2 On Your Side's Ron Plants spoke with an owner of Agle Farms in Eden, who had this advice for those considering planting with the warning and advisory. 

"Just go by what local garden centers recommend as opposed to thinking just because it's a nice sunny day I should be putting all my plants in," Karyn Sullivan says. "Realistically you should be waiting another couple of weeks for some of the more tender things."

If you can't bring plants inside, experienced growers recommend trying to cover them up if you can with a basket or even some burlap. 

2 On Your Side gardening expert Jackie Albarella says luckily mulch is great because it can help plant roots retain some warmth. 
Agle Sullivan also says a couple of nights of frost shouldn't be too bad, but if it's prolonged that's obviously a problem.