BUFFALO, NY-- The Erie County Sheriff's Office released video Friday of the damage caused by Thursday's tornadoes in the southtowns.

The videos show the damage caused by an EF-2 tornado in Hamburg and EF-1 tornado in Holland. There was also damage in Orchard Park.

Thursday's tornadoes are the first in Erie County since 2006 when an EF-1 tornado hit the Cheektowaga area.

Reports of severe roof damage, downed trees and power lines, and smashed windows all provided evidence, but the proof came when forecasters got a bird's-eye view of the damage path.

The National Weather Service says the stronger of the tornadoes, in Hamburg was rated a EF-2 on the Enhanced-Fujita (EF)-Scale with winds estimated near 105 miles per hour.

A second tornado hit near Holland and was rated an EF-1. With winds near 95 miles per hour.

The scale ranges from EF-0 to EF-5, with EF-5 representing total devastation.

There were no direct injuries or fatalities reported.