EAST AURORA, NY -Village leaders have allocated funds to fix a huge sink hole that opened near the corner of Main Street and South Willow in East Aurora.

During a village board meeting, officials voted to set aside $300,000 to fix the sinkhole.

East Aurora Consulting Engineer Steve Tanner said, "What we plan on doing now is fixing the problem that's there now and also exploring more downstream further to see if other problems are imminent."

Mike DeJoseph runs Mikey Dee's Cafe and Catering, where the sinkhole came within inches of his property. As you can imagine, he has a lot of concerns.

"Right now the building and the business obviously, we're going to be closed for a long time," said DeJoseph. The sinkhole forced utilities to the property to be cut.

DeJoseph and village officials say this sinkhole was a lot smaller last week about 12 feet by 12 feet. It’s an issue they had all been monitoring.

“Last week we filled it in, it was a temporary stop gap measure by putting some more soil and packing it in to keep it in place so that we can prepare for what needed to be done anyway,” said East Aurora Mayor Allan Kasprzak.

But yesterday's rain overwhelmed a culvert pipe, which was discovered to have rusted out when the sinkhole collapsed.

The East Aurora mayor says the pipe was installed in the 1980's and was good for 30 years.

“With so much water it seeped out the sides caused the pipe to come up. And when it came up, it took the rest of it up and that's when the collapsing started,” explained Kasprzak.

Tannery Brook water continues to gush and flow into Cazenovia Creek. Emergency contractors have been working all day Monday, removing debris from the sinkhole and trying to keep the sinkhole walls with concrete slabs.

The sinkhole is attracting onlookers, who say they have to see it and have never seen anything like this in East Aurora.

Mayor Kasprzak says there a few options on the table for repairing the pipe. The first option is to install a concrete culvert, which would cost about $30,000. Another option is repairing the pipe from that area to Cazenovia Creek. That would cost nearly $1,000,000.

According to officials, the repair could get started as soon as this week.

2 On Your Side's Pete Gallivan has learned that an 8-9 foot culvert that carries Tannery Brook beneath E. Aurora gave way around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night.

We will have more on the damage, and the repairs needed, throughout the day.