BUFFALO, N.Y. -- As Western New Yorkers dealt with severe storms Friday, we're learning more about the damaging weather from two weeks ago.

It turns out -- Western new York was hit with not three, but four tornadoes.

The National Weather Service gave the update Friday morning.

The first tornado touchdown was near a subdivision in Hamburg, just to the west of the I-90.

It crossed the thruway, tore through the Fairgrounds and Chestnut Ridge Park, and ended in the Town of Orchard Park.

This was the strongest and most damaging tornado, an EF2, with maximum winds at 115 miles an hour.

The tornado was five football fields wide.

It then lifted up, but just about 10 miles away along the storm's path, a second tornado hit in the Town of Holland.

It caused a lot of trees to go down, plus some damage to homes.

That tornado was an EF1.

The third tornado is the newest one reported by the National Weather Service Friday morning.

This one was brief, and touched down in Rushford.

This mainly hit in a wooded area, but the wind destroyed a small shed and twisted up some trees.

This was an EF0 tornado, the weakest kind.

And then finally, as we continue along the storm path, a 4th tornado touched down in the Towns of Allen, Angelica, and West Almond.

This twister was an EF1.

It wasn't very wide, but it was on the ground for nearly 5 miles.

So again, "four" tornadoes hit during this storm on July 20th, a little over two weeks ago.

Some people are still cleaning up from these twisters.