BUFFALO, N.Y. - The snow has not yet begun to fly. But if you're already planning a Florida getaway, a $34 flight sounds good.

Ultra-discount carrier Spirit Airlines, which flies out of the Niagara Falls International Airport, announced the one-way ticket starting price on flights to Orlando.

The number of tickets available at this price on their daily non-stop flights is limited. And this does not include fees for extra bags.

"Well, with that $34, that gets you a seat and a personal item, about the size of a backpack. And if you need more like a carry-on bag or a checked bag, you do pay extra for those," said Spirit spokesperson Paul Berry.

The length of time that this special rate will be available depends on demand meaning only a certain number on each flight will be $34. But they argue that the prices of the other seats will still be lower than with any of their competitors.