For two years in a row, Niagara Falls International Airport has seen a sizeable increase in their flights per year.

Now, they say, it’s time to upgrade their security to match the increase in volume.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) introduced the latest checkpoint screening technology equipment at NFIA on Wednesday, including software that helps TSA agents more effectively locate points of alarm quickly and effectively.

Lisa Farbstein, who spoke Wednesday on behalf of TSA, said its equally important for smaller airports to be as up-to-date on security technology as medium- and larger-sized airports.

“Most of the large airports already have these machines and so we're getting to some of the smaller airports,” Farbstein said. “We're happy that it's here. It's an enhancement of security.”

It works, she said, by showing TSA officers the location of an alarm on a generic “cookie cutter” image of a passenger. Now, Farbstein said, security will be able to more effectively screen passengers for both metallic and non-metallic threats—including weapons, explosives and other objects concealed under layers of clothing.

Airport officials say more than 800 flights departed from NFIA in 2016, averaging about 10-15 flights per day.