ELLICOTTVILLE, N.Y. -- Another week of snow means many more inches for ski country, and people can't seem to stop talking about the amazing difference between this year and last year.

Already, Holiday Valley has exceeded the amount of inches of snow fallen to date than in all of last season.

The 2015-2016 season saw 117 inches of snow through March, and Holiday Valley matched that on January 8 of this season.

On average, the ski resort gets about 180 inches of snow per season, but considering how much it has already gotten, there is a good chance Holiday Valley will exceed that, according to the resort’s spokesperson, Jane Eshbaugh.

"We're going to be open until April, so we've got a lot more snow to come,” Eshbaugh said.

Eshbaugh says that attendance in the 2016-2017 season has so far exceeded every single day from last year except for one.

"We hear it all the time. You get on the chairlift, and people are saying 'Wow, it's so much better than last year, so much more fun.’ Even in town, the restaurants and shops in Ellicottville are all much happier, much more successful this year,” said Eshbaugh.

For the sake of a monthly comparison, Holiday Valley got only 17 inches of snow in December 2015. In December 2016, it got 76 inches of snow.