BUFFALO, NY - Beginning June 22nd, 40 players will begin a marathon. They drop the puck on a hockey game that will last more than 250 hours. They will lock themselves into the HarborCenter for 11 days. The point of this test of body and soul is two-fold. They are shooting for the Guiness world record, but more importantly, raising $1 million for cancer research at Roswell Park.

Over the weekend, several of the players began their preparations. They skated four hours, took an hour and a half break and then hit the ice again for another hour. As they get closer to the event, the physical preps will get more demanding. Organizer Mike Lesakowski says they have to. They will have a rotation of players, the two teams will rotate shifts of 4 hours on the ice, 8 hours off, all the while the game goes on.

For more information you can check out the 11 Day Power Play website.