CHARLOTTE, NC — Week 2 of the NFL season finds the Bills taking on Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in Carolina.

Follow along below with the Channel 2 sports staff for live updates and quarterly reports.

4th Quarter Carolina 9 Buffalo 3 Final

The Bills actually get some points as Stephen Hauschka boots a 45 yard field goal. They still trail but the offense is actually showing signs of life.

Cam Newton has returned to the game for Carolina. The Panthers have a long drive and have to settle for 3 points as once again the Bills defense stiffens. The Panthers had first and goal from the Buffalo one yard line.

The Panthers lead 9-3 with 2:35 left in regulation.

The Bills have the ball at the 2 minute warning. They have 2 time outs left. There is plenty of room to question head coach Sean McDermott about his clock management in this one.

The game comes down to the final play. On 4th and 11 Zay Jones can't haul in the Taylor pass at the one yard line. Jones with a great effort but just couldn't pull it in. A better throw and its most likely a Buffalo touchdown.

The Bills waste a fabulous effort by the defense and drop 1-1 on the season.

Buffalo is home against Denver next Sunday.

3rd Quarter Carolina 6 Buffalo 0

No scoring yet in the third quarter. The Bills defense has been on the field all day and has done a great job on the Panthers. The offense has done nothing, absolutely nothing. This game is still there to take because of the defense.

The Bills defense has 6 sacks and knocked Cam Newton out of the game. It remains to be seen if he will return.

2nd Quarter Carolina 6 Buffalo 0

The Panthers add a field goal and lead 6-0. The Bills defense has been on the field nearly the entire half. The offense has been horrible. Yet its only a 6 point deficit.

The Bills with just 39 yards of offense on 16 plays. The defense has spent nearly the entire half on the field and have somehow managed to keep the Bills in this game.

1st Quarter Carolina 3 Buffalo 0

Carolina scores first, they lead 3-nothing after a long time consuming opening drive.

The Bills with just 6 offensive snaps in the entire quarter. The defense on the field way too long in the Carolina heat. Fortunately the Bills are only down by a field goal.

On another note there have been no penalty flags thrown in the first quarter.