MIAMI, FL- The Bills four game winning streak is over. Miami wins it 28-25. The Dolphins totally dominated the second half.

Bills special teams have been great all day so can they recover an onsides kick. No. Jarvis Landry gets the kick and Miami will run out the clock.

Bills get the 2 point conversion and trail by 3 with 14 seconds remaining. Great example of how stupid penalties taken by the Dolphins cost their team. 28-25 Miami.

Ruling on the field stands. Touchdown Buffalo.

Somehow the Bills still have a little life. Reggie Bush runs its called a touchdown. Then there is a scrum. They will review this one but I think his knee was down before the ball crossed the plane of the goal line.

Well maybe there is hope. Taylor hits Tate at the Miami 2 yard line. The Miami penalties giving the Bills extra plays and life.

Things getting awfully chipped toward the end of the game. The Bills are called for holding.

Cameron Wake brings down Tyrod Taylor. The 2 minute warning and the Bills are down by 11, 28-17.

3rd and 6 for Miami with 2:35 to play and the Dolphins score a touchdown. A 66 yard play from Tannehill to Kenny Stills who makes the catch and then beats Ronald Darby to complete the play. The Bills trail 28-17 with 2:24 left in the fourth quarter.

Ajayi returns to the game for Miami. He has been a force with over 200 yards rushing. The Bills use their second time out.

The third down pass to Goodwin is broken up. He is down. It was a great play by Isa Abdul-Quddus who was going for the ball. Goodwin is headed to the locker to get checked out. The Bills will punt it away.

4th quarter- Bills need to convert a 3rd and 10. Miami takes time out.

The Dolphins have been getting a lot pressure on Taylor in the second half. Suh forces him to throw it away.

This is set up for Tyrod Taylor to take advantage of the opportunity to show that he is a franchise quarterback. Pull out a win late in the game on the road.

Damien Williams bulls his way into the end zone. Great run for 12 yards dragging defenders with him. Dolphins take a 21-17 lead with 3:56 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Ajayi takes it inside the 20 but then he is down. They are stretching out his leg.

Miami facing a 3rd and 7 with 5:57 and they convert. Jarvis Landry hauls in the pass for 18 yards. Tannehill runs away from the rush and is able to complete the pass.

Tyrod Taylor throws it away as Mario Williams smacks him around again. The Bills punt it away.

Mario Williams brings down Mike G. for a loss. Bills face 2nd and 20. Taylor runs for about 5 so its 3rd & 15.

Bills get a break when Foster drops a pass on third down that would given Miami a first down. Still just a 3 point game at 17-14.

Ajayi breaks a 53 yard run. Ronald Darby with a touchdown saving tackle.

Once again the Bills special teams make a huge play. Down a punt at the Miami one yard line. Long way for Miami to travel.

That time Taylor can't avoid the rush. Suh brings him down and the Bills will give the ball back to Miami.

I'm wondering if LeSean McCoy should have played at all if that hamstring acted up. Did playing today make it worse ? Its not like the Bills can afford to lose him for any length of time.

3rd quarter- The Bills say Aaron Williams will not return to the game. The Bills get the ball to start the third quarter. Bills burn a time out. I hope that doesn't come back to burn them. Golfing legend Jack Nicklaus is in at the game. The Bills are stopped by Miami on 3rd and short. Miami stuffs Jerome Felton. Jay Ajayi continues to give the Bills trouble. He's over 100 yards for the game.

Gilmore is called for holding. That gives Miami a first down at their own 37 yard line. Corey Graham breaks up a long pass play. Fortunately for the Bills Ryan Tannehill isn't that good. The pass was underthrown a little. Lorenzo Alexander stuffs Ajayi to set up a 3rd & 12.

Mario Williams tackles LeSean McCoy. Mario actually showed up.

Tyrod Taylor can't get away from the rush and the Bills punt it away. This is still only a 4 point game with 7:33 left in the 3rd quarter.

Lorenzo Alexander gets his 9th sack of the season. Bills force another Miami punt.

Tyrod Taylor connects with Marquise Goodwin for a 57 yard touchdown. Mike Gillislee with a big block to give Taylor time to throw the ball. Maybe that play will be a back breaker for the Dolphins who keep hanging around. The Dolphins have been unable to score although they have moved the ball. So that's why I say that might be a back breaker despite the amount of time left on the clock.

The Bills say LeSean McCoy won't return to the game. His hamstring has acted up. Bills up by 11 17-6.

The Dolphins have moved smartly downfield and have a 1st and goal from the 6. Darby saves a touchdown with a nice tackle on Ajayi. Ajayi runs for a 4 yard touchdown. The Dolphins are going for two and they get it. Its 17-14 with 18 seconds remaining in the third quarter. Ajayii has a 140 yards on 22 carries so far. Third quarter ends with the Bills up 17-14.

2nd Quarter: Lerentee McCray blocks a Dolphins punt and th Bills are in business in the Miami end of the field. The Bills special teams making a huge difference in this game. On 3rd & 7 Taylor hits Hunter for a first down. Taylor as we all know does an amazing job keeping plays alive with his legs. On the very next play Taylor runs it in for a the touchdown after faking the hand off to Reggie Bush. Bills lead 10-3.

Jay Ajayi has 8 carries for 59 yards. He just broke a beautiful run for a first down. If I'm the Dolphins I'm going to make him the workhorse until the defense shows they can stop him. Jarvis Landry with a nice move and catch for a gain of 14. Ryan Tannehill runs for 4 yards to keep a Miami drive alive. The Dolphins are moving the football nicely on this drive.

Dolphins called for a crackback block on Aaron Williams. Horrible. He's down on the field. Hopefully he's okay but that's the kind of thing the NFL should be more concerned about than a guy spinning the football after making a play. Ridiculous !!! Jarvis Landry comes over to say a word to Williams as he's helped off the field. Landry looks sick on the sidelines.

Zach Brown brings down Jarvis Landry and Miami will settle for a field goal try. Andrew Franks is good from 33 yards out. 10-6 Bills. 3:47 to go in first half.

Mike Gillislee gets his first carry. McCoy has played but Bills are being very careful with McCoy. Taylor to Clay for 18 yards. Clay and Taylor connect again. Its the 2 minuet warning with the Bills up 10-6. The drive stalls and the Bills will punt it away.

Ajayi with another big run. Miami uses a time out. The Bills lead 10-6 at halftime.

1st Quarter- The Dolphins used up a huge chunk of the first quarter on their first drive. Stephon Gilmore broke up a 3rd down pass play that forced the Dolphins to settle for the field goal and a 3-0 lead. Jay Ajayi with 5 carries for 45 yards on the drive. The Dolphins used up 7:32 of the first quarter on the drive. The Bills offense is not impressive on their first drive. Tyrod Taylor scrambled out of trouble once but the second time he couldn't get away from Cameron Wake who sacked him. The Bills punted after a less than inspiring opening series.

On their second series the Dolphins go 3 and out. Brandon Tate gives the Bills great field position with a strong return. The Bills drive starts at the Miami 30. On first down LeSean McCoy has a short run but used plenty of moves so it looks like the hamstring is good. On 3rd & 8 Taylor can't connect with Hunter so the Bills settle for a Dan Carpenter 29 yard field goal to tie the game at 3. There are 49 seconds left in the first quarter.

Bills get a break when Landry catches a pass for 26 yards but Landry takes an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The penalty is for spinning the football like a basketball after the big gain. Leave it to the NFL to take the fun out of just about everything.

The quarter ends with the Bills and Dolphins tied at 3.

Bills running back LeSean McCoy is active for the Bills today as they face the Dolphins in Miami. McCoy had been listed as questionable after injuring his hamstring in practice on Wednesday. Individually he ranks second in the league in rushing and is the key to the Bills top ranked running game.

The rest of the Bills inactives are as follows:

QB - Cardale Jones

WR - Robert Woods

RB - Jonathan Williams

OT - Seantrel Henderson

C - Patrick Lewis

T - Michael Ola

DT - Marcell Dareus