AMHERST- Frustration and confusion dwells in the minds of UB students and fans, after the school abruptly cut four of the athletic teams.

120 student-athletes fell victim to the university's $2 million budget cut to the athletic department, which eliminated the baseball, men's soccer, men's swimming and diving and women's rowing programs.

A petition to stop the elimination of the four teams floats around social media.

At the time of this report, it has 6,800 signatures. However, it appears only money can save them.

"If i had to talk a number, it's in the several tens of millions of dollars," said Allen Greene, UB Director of Athletics. "I don't know how realistic it is to raise 30-40-60-80 million dollars."

If the four eliminated teams raised $2 million to give back to the university (to meet the budget cut), would they be able to operate for the next year? Thereby, allowing the student-athletes another year to find a new school to transfer to...

"Techincally, yes," Greene said.

Do you think that's something that could potentially be approved, if those teams were able to raise $2 million?

"I am not in a position to be able to answer that question," said Greene.

Who would?

"University leadership," acknowledged Greene.

Like most Division 1 schools, the majority of UB's athletic budget goes to football.

A team that's had a winning record just twice since joining the MAC in 1999.

Green maintained the school administration (people above him) want to keep UB football in D1...and want to keep spending the most money on arguably the worst product.

Hopefully, the university and the four eliminated teams can reach some sort of agreement, so dozens of student-athletes aren't kicked to the curb by fall.