BUFFALO, NY - While Tim Murray is disappointed he couldn't make any trades, it's a different feel in the Sabres' locker room.

It's a sense of relief for captain Brian Gionta and Cody Franson knowing they're staying in Buffalo.

"I'm very happy with the turnout. I enjoy it here, I like it here and I'd like to remain here. So, when I didn't get the call I was happy," Cody Franson said after Sabres morning skate on Thursday.

And while days like these have players on edge, it's easy to forget about the others involved, their families. Franson said yesterday wasn't an easy day for his wife either.

"Every time my phone made a noise, she poking her head up, seeing what was going on so in those situations when you do get moved, it's them that keeps everything together, takes care of everything with kids in the equation. It was a relief yesterday when we didn't get moved," Franson explained.

As for Gionta, he had expressed his desire to stay in Buffalo to Tim Murray. Murray said he got calls on Gionta, but ultimately took his wishes into account.

"I'm thankful for the open dialogue, I thought we had a pretty good conversation and that's going to stay between us obviously but the fact that both sides expressed their positions it was good," Gionta said.

But Dan Bylsma wasn't surprised with the lack of moves from the Sabres on deadline day.

"I would say the conversations in general were way less than half of what I normally experience with the deadline," Bylsma said.

Now the team can move on and focus on the rest of the season. After all, the playoffs are still within reach.

"By no means is anyone giving up on this season. It's an uphill battle but there's still a possibility for us to make the playoffs so the guys in this room, that's going to be our push," Gionta explained.