BUFFALO, NY - Sabres goaltender Robin Lehner caused quite a stir a Sunday night after the Sabres lost to Vancouver. He blasted his teammates for not respecting their coach and seemed to point the finger at Jack Eichel.

Monday morning Lehner said he stood by what he said and that he wasn't and would never point the finger at anyone. Lehner said "Everything from what I said yesterday is just to be aimed at us as a group.We all, starting with myself all the way through the lineup, have to take more responsibility. It's not certain lines. It's not certain people. It's literally all of us on a day-to-day basis have to do what we're paid to do and whatever the coaches want all of us to do.”

He added he didn't name anyone. “I didn’t name anyone. I said a lot as we. It’s not about them. It’s not about Jack’s line. It’s not about me. It’s not about Rasmus Ristolainen. It’s about all of us as a team. It’s about doing the small things as I’m saying. It’s about me making an extra save. Jack is our best player. End of story. When he’s going, we’re all going. When he’s not going, we’ve got to have other guys going. We’ve got to help each other out. We’ve got to bail each other out."

Eichel, who's turnover led directly to a Vancouver goal said he knows he has to be better. " There's definitely areas of my game I need to clean up. I need to get better in my own zone. I need to be more responsible. Maybe my timing coming out of our zone. There's obviously areas of my game I need to get better at. It's a work in progress with our whole team, and I'm the same way. We've got to stop blaming each other, blaming whatever we're blaming. Just come to the rink every day, enjoy the fact that you play in the NHL. I don't know. For me, I think I'm more than past just getting worked up about it."

The Sabres are at Ottawa Tuesday night.