BUFFALO, N.Y. - Friday at 2:00 p.m., the Buffalo Bills will introduce Sean McDermott as their new head coach.

This comes at a time when questions swirl around the organization about stability, direction, and dysfunction.

But owners Terry and Kim Pegula will not address this at Friday's news conference. Instead, the plan, according to Buffalo News Sports Reporter Tim Graham, is for Terry Pegula to introduce McDermott, then step aside and allow him to answer questions.

For weeks, there have been many reports of dysfunction surrounding the franchise following Rex Ryan's firing, and just how much power General Manager Doug Whaley has over the 53 man roster.

The Pegulas addressed reports of dysfunction in an interview done with Graham by videoconfence. The text was posted on buffalonews.com.

With regard to the Bills and dysfunction, Terry Pegula said, "I know how I run my life, run our business. I know how we treat people, and I know the people we have in our organization, you can't pin 17 years on the Pegulas. We've been around for X-number of years. There's no foundation, no truth to this dysfunctional talk. I consider it an insult to our organization and the Bills and the good people with the Sabres."

For months, we've requested to sit down with the Pegulas to talk about matters related to the Bills and the other team they own, the NHL's Buffalo Sabres. Each time, we've been denied.