It appears Donald Trump was out to give Jon Bon Jovi a bad name. first reported online Thursday that a plan concocted by Trump was hatched in a meeting attended by long-time western New York political and dedicated Bills fan, Michael Caputo.

Trump was one of the bidders when the Bills were up for sale in 2014. Caputo says what Trump wanted to do was undermine a rival group bidding for the team led by rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

The plan, says Caputo was to exploit the very worst fear among Bills fans: a new owner who would move the Bills out of the Buffalo area.

The so-called Bon Jovi group included Toronto businessmen. And may suspected if they landed the Bills, Toronto would be the next stop for the team.

So, Caputo helped launch Bills Fan Thunder which held a series of events intending to drum-up anti-Bon Jovi and anti-Toronto sentiment.

Ultimately, as Bills fans know, Kim and Terry Pegula won the Bills sweepstakes with a bid reportedly at $1.3-billion.

And although he says he never got paid for his work, Caputo says it was worth it.

“It didn’t matter to me who bought the team as long as the team stayed here. I thought the only people who could keep them here was Donald Trump and then came the Pegula family who saved us all.”