4th quarter: The Bills won against the Bengals 16-12.

Percy Harvin makes the catch but is hammered just short of the first down. The Bills go for it on 4th down and Gillislee gets it.

Goodwin makes the catch and the Bills have a first and goal. Taylor's pass is off of Clay's hands. Then the Bengals knock away what would have been a touchdown. Once again the Bills have a first and goal and fail to score a touchdown.

Carpenter adds a 20 yard field goal and its 16-12 Buffalo. This is unlikely to go down as an NFL classic game anytime soon.

The Bengals go 3 and out. They are horrible. Fortunately the Bills lead by 4 and have the ball. Time starting to become a factor.

Percy Harvin runs for 10 yards. Good to see him involved. Now after a running play Tyrod Taylor is slow to get up.

Taylor stays in the game but EJ Manuel is warming up on the sideline.

Bills take a penalty that is declined. Its fourth down. Bills punt. Bengals have the ball inside their own 10 yard.

Ronald Darby makes a tackle to set up a third down and 5. Kyle Williams hammers Andy Dalton and the Bengals punt it away.

The Bills go 3 and out and put the ball back to the very inept Cincinnati offense. The Bengals burn their first time out of the half as there is some confusion. Its 3rd and 2 at their own 28 yard line. The pass is incomplete and the Bengals will punt it back to the Bills.

The Bills get a first down but eventually punt it away. Tyrod Taylor and Percy Harvin can't connect on third down. Horrible. Not a good throw. Must be completed there as that would have ended the game. The Bengals are out of time outs with 2:30 left in the game.

The game was come down to the final 10 seconds. Those 2 missed extra points have come back to haunt the Bengals and help the Bills. The Bengals will get one last shot with 10 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

The pass is completed to Eiffert who steps out of bounds. One more play for the Bengals. The pass is knocked down in the end zone and the Bills win 16-12. They are 5 & 5 and still alive for the post season. That snaps a 3 game losing streak. The Bills are home next Sunday against Jacksonville.

3rd Quarter: There is no sign of LeSean McCoy on the Bills bench as the second half begins.

Jerome Felton runs for the first down.

Gillislee runs for 13. Carpenter tries a 54 yard field goal and its good !!! Bills lead 13-12. Now the defense needs to make a stand. They did. The punt is downed inside the 5 yard line.

James Ihedigbo takes a penalty and the Bills are backed up as deep as posisble in their own end of the field.

Gillislee with an 11 yard run to help get out of the hole. Clay with a good block. Taylor over throws Clay. That would have been a huge gain. The Bills punt it away.

Kyle Williams and Corey make big plays and the defense forces a 3 and out. Bills get the ball back but again deep in their own end of the field.

Gillislee has been extremely effective. He's averaging nearly 8 yards a carry. Taylor runs for a first down as the Bills are driving.

Taylor finds Brandon Tate who takes it all the way down to the Cincinnati 29 yard line.

3rd quarter ends with the Bills leading 13-12 and facing a 3rd and 6 at the Cincinnati 25.

2nd quarter: Andy Dalton misses a throw and the Bills have a chance to stop Cincinnati on third down. Of course the Bengals convert on the 3rd down and have another drive going. There's another third down conversion for Cincinnati.

Now Preston Brown leaves the game with an injury for the Bills.

Stephon Gilmore with the interception and return inside the 5. Taylor scores but its wiped out by a penalty. Now the Bills will settle for a field goal try. The penalty was on Richie Incognito.

Dan Carpenter kicks the field goal and the BIlls lead 10-6. To settle for 3 there is awful. First and goal at the 3 yard line. That has to be a touchdown not a field goal.

Robert Woods is out for the game with a knee injury.

Andy Dalton runs for a first down as the Bengals drive continues. Tyler Eiffert takes a huge hit from Stephon Gilmore but hangs onto the ball. First down Bengals.
The Bills jump offsides and help the Bengals out. That's 7 penalties so far.

Preston Brown knocks down a pass that would have been a touchdown. Then the defense stuffs the run and the Bengals face a third and goal.

Gilmore is burned for the Bengals touchdown. Nugent clanks another extra point off the goal post. Bills trail 12-10.

Its fair to say the NFL has succeeded in making the extra point an interesting play.

Taylor's pass to McCoy is batted down. But then Brandon Tate makes a nice shoestring catch for a first down.

Shawn Williams tackles McCoy and Williams is down on the Bills sideline. LeSean McCoy jogs to the locker room favoring his left arm and or wrist.

Tyrod Taylor's pass is picked off at the Cincinnati 1 yard line.

After the turnover the BIlls help out the Bengals. Blanton is called for a late hit out of bounds. And the Bengals are in business.

Bills get another break as Dalton's throw is behind Eiffert its tipped and Gilmore picks it off.

Bills trail 12-10 at halftime.

1st Quarter- Well the Bills get off to a good start on the first series. Dareus makes a play, the Bengals take a penalty and Gilmore hits Green who appears to be injured.

The Bengals first series goes nowhere and Cincinnati will punt.

AJ Green has been carted off the field with a hamstring injury. His return question is questionable. Vontaze Burfict also has a injury.

The Bills complete their first drive with a LeSean McCoy touchdown. Great first drive of the game, looked real easy. Offensive line doing a great job so far. 7-0 Bills.

Vontaze Burfict is probable to return for the Bengals.

Bengals convert a 3rd and 14 for a first down.

Then Jerry Hughes takes a personal foul. Why ? Pointless. Why help a team when you have them on the ropes ?

Ron Darby takes a holding penalty. Both teams taking penalties. The Bengals have converted a number of 3rd and longs on this drive. This needs to stop. But the Bengals gain 11 and are inside the Bills 10 yard line. Andy Dalton completes the drive by running into the end zone. Every scoring play is reviewed so we'll see if Dalton was stopped short. Nope its a touchdown. Mike Nugent clanks the extra point off the goal post and the Bills hold onto the one point lead.

Each team with a long touchdown drive but the Bills have a one point lead.

Bills get a break on a pass that should have been picked off but bounces off the defender. Robert Woods makes the catch but his leg is bent awkwardly. This doesn't look good as the left leg bent and he is slowly walked off the field by trainers.

Bills get another break as they put the ball on the ground but they fall on it. Now Taylor is sacked for a loss of 5.

Taylor is run down b y Burfict and the Bills will punt. AJ Green is out for the game. The Bills lead Cincinnati 7-6 after the first quarter.