ORCHARD PARK, NY- Afer being whipped by the Patriots at New Era Field Sunday afternoon the Bills head to Seattle for a game against the Seahawks next Monday night. Bills head coach Rex Ryan said the Bills are taking a simple approach to the game.

As his weekly Monday media briefing Rayn said "Is it a must win? That’s what we’re looking at it as. We need to win this game. Whatever it takes, that’s what we have to come up with. Hopefully we’ll get some players back. But, if not, we have to find a way to get it done anyway."

The loss to the Patriots dropped the Bills to 4-4 on the season. After Sunday's game Ryan conceded the AFC East to the Patriots. Injuries have been a huge factor for the Bills this season especially at wide receiver where the top 4 player at the position have missed significant time. Ryan said because of that its difficult to evaluate quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

" It’s hard to, guys. I don’t think any team will be, when you lose your top four wide receivers, I think every team would be affected by it. That’s kind of where we are. Robert (Woods) was out there. He’s still dealing with a foot injury. So does he probably have some throws we wish he had back? Absolutely. But it’d be nice to catch the ball, too. There were several drops in that game and some critical errors. I think that’s the other thing we talk about with our team. When you look at, why the difference? Why did New England win? They won because there were so few critical errors on their part. They had an illegal man downfield that was a critical error of theirs, but it was almost like five-to-one where we had five errors and they had one. You’re not going to beat them. You almost have to, you have to play to play a heck of a lot better than that. I’m not going to say they have to be perfect, but being perfect would help."