1st Quarter:

The Bills close out the regular season in New York Sunday afternoon. EJ Manuel starts at quarterback. The first drive for EJ Manuel and company ends in a punt after an incomplete pass on 3rd & 8.

In what promises to be a thrilling game the Bills defense gives up a 24 yard run to Bilal Powell then shuts the door and the Jets punt.

The Bills second posession ends with a punt. Manuel was sacked and the third down pass that was incomplete was nearly intercepted.

Powell has another good run to start the Jets second drive. Its a first down. Powell with another run for a first down. It should come as no surprise that the Jets are having success on the ground. More missed tackles by the Bills. Ryan FItzpatrick completes the pass for another first down as the Jets are moving and inside the Bills 25.

The Jets have moved the ball down inside the Bills 15 yard line. Its 4th and 1 and they are going for it. The Bills take a time out. Powell goes straight up the middle and appears to be stuffed by the Bills defense. Its a turnover on downs. The Bills take over deep in their own end of the field.

The BIlls get a first down and the quarter comes to an end. Bills 0 Jets 0.

2nd quarter: EJ Manuel takes the Bills 2nd time out. LeSean McCoy has limped off the field and is being worked on by the team medical staff.

EJ's third down pass is incomplete. Poor throw because of bad footwork.

Fitzpatrick connects on a 50 yard bomb to get the Jets into Bills territory. McCoy left on the cart.

The Jets have a third and 3 at the Buffalo 5 yard line. There's a flag for a false start against the Jets. So its now 3rd and 8 from the 10 yard line. The Jets get the first down as Ronald Darby saves the touchdown.

On first and goal the Bills throw the Jets for a loss back to the three yard line. Touchdown Jets. FItzpatrick to Bilal Powell. Jets score first. The first TD in 9 quarters for the Jets. Jets lead 7-0.

The Bills say LeSean McCoy is done for the day with an ankle injury.

Neither team is doing anything offensively. Still 7-0 Jets.

How much more does anyone need to see from EJ Manuel ? With 5:57 left in the first half the Bills offense has done nothing. Mike Gillislee converts on a third and one to keep this drive alive.

Jonathan Williams with the longest run of his career. Derelle Revis of the Jets is injured. He is up and on the Jets sideline. Manuel completes a pass to Sammy Watkins. The Bills are inside the New York 25 as Revis returns to the field.

Two minute warning. Bills trail 7-0 but are knocking on the door. We'll see if they can get into the end zone before halftime.

EJ Manuel with two horrendous throws and the Bills settle for a 34 yard field goal. Bills trail 7-3 with 1:45 left in the half.

Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball all over the field. The Bills could have had an interception. On the play after that the Jets complete a pass for a first down.

The Jets use their second time out with 14 seconds life. They are inside the Bills 25 yard line.

Robey Coleman is coming off the field. The officials thought he might have a concussion and is being looked at.

The Bills get a break as the Jets fail to take a shot at the end zone. The Jets add a Nick Folk field goal and lead 10-3 at halftime.

LeSean McCoy returned to the Bills sidelines and is obviously trying to return to the game.

3rd quarter: Powell gains 25 yards before Darby brings him down. Once again the Bills are getting run over as they continue to miss tackles.

Jerry Hughes stops Powell on third down. The Jets will punt. Touchback. EJ Manuel is back at quarterback for the Bills.

The Bills go 3 and out and EJ Manuel has another horrible series.

Keyvon Seymour with a tackle to prevent a first down. The Jets take their second time out of the half with 7:41 remaining in the thrid quarter. The Jets were going to kick a field goal but now they may go for it on 4th and 1.

For the second time today the Bills stop the Jets on fourth and one. Bills ball inside their own 15 yard line.

EJ completes a pass to Robert Woods on third down for a first down.

The drive stalls. EJ is clobbered. The ball comes out but there's no call of a fumble. I think its going to be change to a fumble and the Jets will have the ball deep in the Bills end of the field. Its a fumble and the Jets have a first down at the Bills 13 yard line.

The Fitzpatrick pass is caught. The receiver extends the ball over the goal line. It is ruled a touchdown. It is under review. Its a touchdown for Jaylen Marshall. The Jets increase their lead to 17-3 with 4:08 left in the third quarter.

After another horrible throw EJ Manuel completes a pass to Robert Woods for a first down. The Bills cough up the ball and the Jets recover. Second turnover of the game for the Bills.

The Jets will try to add points from this turnover as Nick Folk will try a field goal. The kick is good and its 20-2 Jets with 1 second left in the third quarter. Tate with a big return on the kickoff as the third quarter ends.

4th quarter: Cardale Jones is now into the game at quarterback for the Bills. Jones' first pass is caught by Sammy Watkins. His first two passes are completions.

The Bills run an option and its stuffed. Its 4th and 7 and they are going for it at the Jets 20 yard line. Jones is hit as he throws it and the pass is incomplete. Each team takes a penalty. Bills is try again but the pass for Sammy Watkins is broken up. No points for the Bills.

The Jets punt it back to the Bills

The Bills go nowhere. Jones throws a pass that could have been picked off on third down. Another punt.

Lorenzo Alexander gets another sack. He's had a great season,

Cardale Jones will get another chance to make a positive impression. Jones is sacked. Sammy Watkins leaves the field with what's being called an issue with his hip.

Marquise Goodwin is gingerly walking off the field. He is jogging under his own power. His leg got rolled on.

Jone's pass is picked off by Revis and he takes it inside the Bills 5 yard line. A 51 yard return for Revis. Fitzpatrick throws it away on third down. 4th and goal for the Jets. They add a field goal and lead by 20, 23-3.

The Bills let the ball bounce on the kickoff. It bounces into the end zone and the Jets fall on it for the touchdown. 30-3 Jets.

This is awful. Brutal. Unacceptable. Horrible. Fortunately there are only 3 minutes left in the game.

Justin Hunter with a huge gain on a pass from Jones. First and goal for the Bills at the two minute warning. On first down Jonathan Williams is stopped from the one yard line.

Jerome Felton gets it on second and goal and he is stuffed. Third and goal. Mike Gillislee gets the touchdown. Bills trail 30-10 with 39 seconds left in the season.

Its a final. The Bills lose to the Jets 30-10. A final embarrassment for the Bills. Buffalo finishes the season at 7-9.