ORCHARD PARK, NY - Against the Panthers, the Bills offense failed to get much going after Carolina shut down their running game. They held LeSean McCoy to just 12 carries for nine yards and ultimately stopped Buffalo's offense as a whole.

But the Bills aren't worried about that game being a "blueprint" for teams in the future.

"I wouldn’t say it’s anything concerning, because after watching film there were still some things we could’ve done better to block certain looks, whether that’s just getting beat in one-on-ones up front. Some things happen in the running game that you can’t control," Tyrod Taylor explained. "There were still some looks that we could’ve blocked so I don’t think that they set the blueprint. Like I said, we have a very strong running game and it’s been proven over the years."

It's true, the Bills ground and pound offense has been success over the past few years. They led the league in rushing the last two seasons and up until this point, few teams have figured out how to shut down McCoy so the Bills aren't abandoning their scheme any time soon.

"Yeah you have to stick to your game plan. If you get pass happy especially against a front like this it can bite you," Eric Wood said as the Bills prepare to host the Broncos on Sunday.

The Broncos are third in the league against the run allowing just 104 yards rushing in their first two games.