ORCHARD PARK, NY - Before kick-off between the Bills and Broncos at New Era Field on Sunday, players on both teams took a knee during the national anthem. We've seen this all around the NFL but the increase in players taking a knee was a response to President Trump's comments for NFL owners to fire any "SOB's" who decide to kneel.

So the organization had a meeting on Saturday night to discuss what they wanted to do come pregame Sunday. The Bills linked arms and walked a couple yards toward midfield and stopped for the anthem. Some remained standing while others took a knee and LeSean McCoy was stretching during it.

Former Bills' quarterback, Jim Kelly took notice and was not happy. He said on 97 Rock Monday morning that he lost all respect for McCoy because of what he did.

"I like LeSean McCoy, don't get me wrong, but I totally, 100 percent I disagree with what he did. "You want to kneel? Fine. But when you go and do what he did yesterday, that sort of bummed me out. And I lost a lot of respect for him. You want to kneel? That's your prerogative. I would never do that. I will always stand, thank the good Lord for everything I got. But when you disrespect the way he did and just go by his everyday duty in the national anthem being sung? Uh-uh. I won't go for that," Jim Kelly said.

Those comments did not sit well with Bills' defensive end, Jerry Hughes.

"I was very disappointed in him and how he handled the whole situation. Our team came together and we united togther as a front, as an organization on how we were going to approach the national anthem,"Jerry Hughes said. "If Jim was going to do what he did then he should have came to the team and let us know his feelings."

"We're trying to bring a team together, we're trying to trying to bring a community together, we're trying to bring a nation together and by dividing us, dividing the team, that doesn't work," Hughes explained.