Hope. Without it, we have nothing.

It's true in life and it's true in sports. Think about it.

When one game or one season ends, why do we always look ahead to the next?

Because there can only be one champion. And if it's not your team, you're waiting until it is.

Hope is what keeps you occupied while you're waiting.

Sabres fans know the feeling all too well. Six straight years out of the playoffs, including two historically bad seasons.

But, there's hope.

On Tuesday night, the Sabres took on the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

Yes, a preseason game. Sidney Crosby (and Evgeni Malkin and Matt Murray) didn't play.

Aside from those minor details, the Sabres couldn't script it better.

In his first game back in a Sabres uniform, Jason Pominville scored twice.

And, Jack Eichel scored the game winner in overtime.

Two generations of Sabres hockey coming together...and winning.

It was weird...and fun...and perhaps a glimpse into the future.

And for Sabres fans, it should inspire one particular sentiment: unrelenting, unmitigated hope.

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