Lancaster, Jacob Luderman

Orchard Park, Zach Prince

Bennett, Monte Parish

Starpoint, Jacob Kiff

Cheektowaga, Willie Belton

Dunkirk, Evon Hernandez

Cleveland Hill, Nate Pawlowski

Southwestern, Niko Pannes

Maple Grove, Dalton Dubois

Franklinville/ Ell, Griffin Chudy

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis SR QB, has thrown for 7366 yds In his career as 3 yrs at QB for the Red Raiders while Dillon Janca, Orchard Park SR QB, has thrown for 6057 yds in his 3 yr career for the Quakers.

Kameron Alexander, Gowanda SR QB, rushed for 1783 yds and 21 tds this season in 9 games for the Panthers.

Quarterback stats (thru 9 games)

· Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga QB has completed 151 of 253 passes for 1936 yds and 21 tds. The SR has also ran for 572 yds and 9tds. Total offense is 2508 yds and 30 tds.

· Dillon Janca, Orchard Park SR QB has completed 127 of 239 passes for 1598 yds and 13 tds in addition he has rushed for 230 yds abd 9tds. Total offense is 1828 yds and 21 tds.

· Justin Daul, Wilson SR QB has completed 111 of 123 passes for 1596 yds and 17 tds for the Lakemen.

· Matt Myers, Timon/ St. Jude JR QB has passed for 905 yds and 7 tds while rushing for 604 yds and 10 tds. Total offense is 1509 yds and 17 tds.

· Garrett Boldt, Olean SR QB has passed for 619 yds and 9 tds while rushing for 705 yds and 11 tds. Total offense is 1324 yds and 20 tds.

· Trent Gray, Frewsburg JR QB completed 111 of 221 passes for 1770 yds and 12 tds. He also rushed for 242 yds and 3 tds. Total offense is 2012 yds and 15 tds.

· Dave Mansell, Lancaster JR QB, in 9 games has completed 88 of 133 passes for 1579 yds and 20 tds. In addition he has also rushed for 99 yds and 1 td. Total offense is 1678 yds and 21 tds.

· Jerry Hickson, St. Francis QB, in 8 games has completed 123 of 245 passes for 1826 yds and 17 tds. The SR has also rushed for 207 yds and 2 tds. Total offense is 2033 yds and 19 tds.


Team RecordNameYardsTD
9-0Eric Bartnik2508 yds30 tds
4-5Justin Daul1596 yds17 tds
3-5Jerry Hickson2033 yds19 tds
6-3Dillon Janca1828 yds22 tds
9-0Ryan Mansell1678 yds21 tds
2-7Trent Gray2033 yds19 tds
4-5Matt Myers1509 yds17 tds
8-1Garrett Boldt1329 yds20 tds