Ken Stoldt, the Section VI Football Federation Chairman provides the high school football playoff scenarios:

Class AA

Teams qualify for playoffs. 1 versus 8, 2 versus 7, etc. Teams 9 and 10 play a match-up game in week 8. Team 11 will have a week 8 match-up game TBD.

Lancaster will be the number 1 seed.

Williamsville North will be the number 2 seed.

Seeds 3-9 will be decided this week. There are far too many scenarios to list since one game separates 6 teams.

Frontier will have 10 seed based on tie break #5 which is defensive points allowed versus common opponents.

Lockport will be the number 11 seed.

The two highest losing seeds from Week 8 will play in the Funke Championships in Week 9.

Class A

Top 4 teams qualify for playoffs. Teams 5 and 6 will play in theFunke Bowl. Teams 7 and 8 will play match-up games.

Class A North

A Grand Island win gives them the number 1 seed. Starpoint 2, Williamsville East 3 and Williamsville South/Sweet home winner 4th.

A Grand Island loss gives Starpoint 1 seed, Williamsville East 2 seed, Grand Island 3 seed if Sweet Home wins over Williamsville South. If Williamsville South wins over Sweet Home in this same scenario, Williamsville South takes 3 seed and Grand Island takes 4.

The loser of the Sweet Home/Williamsville South game is out of the playoffs and assumes the 5 seed.

North Tonawanda is locked in as 6 seed.

Kenmore East and Kenmore West play for 7 and 8 seed.

Class A South

If West Seneca West wins, they are 1. If they lose and South Park wins, South Park is 1 and West Seneca West is 2.

Iroquois is locked as 3 seed.

West Seneca East is locked as 4 seed.

Amherst/McKinley winner gets 5 seed. Loser gets 6 seed.

Hamburg is 7 seed and Lake Shore is 8 seed.

Class B

There are 3 divisions. Division winners assume 1-3 seeds. Second place finishers are 4-6 seeds. The top two 3rd place teams are 7 and 8 seeds. The remaining 3rd place team and all 4th place teams play in the Funke Bowls. Remaining teams play match-up games.

Class B-1

Cheektowaga/Maryvale winner is number 1 seed. Loser is 2. Burgard/Pioneer winner is 3rd seed. Loser is 4. EA/LP winner is 5 seed. Loser is 6.

Class B-2

Dunkirk is 1. Albion is 2. Depew is 3. Seeds 4, 5, and 6 will be determined this week. An Olean win gives them 4, Fredonia 5, and Springville 6. An Olean loss by 9 or more gives Springville 4, Olean 5, and Fredonia 6.

Class B-3

Lackawanna is 1. Newfane is 2. Medina is 3. Alden is 4. Roy-Hart is 5. Tonawanda is 6.

1-8 Seeding

Unless Lackawanna loses, Dunkirk is the 3 seed because even a +20 for Dunkirk doesn’t allow them to catch the B1 division winner of B3 divison winner if Lackawanna wins. If Lackawanna wins, they are in a battle with the Cheektowaga/Maryvale winner for PD to see who is number 1 seed and who is 2 seed.

If Maryvale loses, they are the 4 seed. If Cheektowaga loses by 15 or more, Newfane will be the 4 seed, Cheektowaga will be the number 5 seed. If Cheektowaga loses but by 14 for less, Cheektowaga is 4 and Newfane is 5. Albion will be 6 seed and travel to 3 seed.

7 and 8 seeds will be determined this week. Depew is 3-2 with a plus 14. Medina is 3-2 with +11. Burgard is 2-2 with a plus 6. Pioneer is 2-2 with a -7. Burgard plays Pioneer in Week 7. One will be tied at 3-2 with Depew and Medina. Depew will be in the playoffs. They will be a 7 or 8 seed. Medina can’t catch Depew. If Burgard wins by 5 or more, they beat out Medina for the number 8 seed. If Burgard wins by 8 or more, they get 7 seed over Depew and Depew gets 8 seed.

If Pioneer wins by 18 they can pass Medina. Pioneer can’t pass Depew. If Pioneer wins by less than 18, Depew is 7, Medina is 8 and Pioneer is 9.

The Funke Bowl teams will be determined this week. Alden is in. Medina is in the playoffs or Funke Bowl. Pioneer/Burgard loser is in the Funke Bowl. Springville, Olean, or Fredonia all have a chance as well. An Olean win puts them in the Funke Bowl.

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