Playoff Notes:

16 of 20 Home Teams won Quarterfinal Games

Class A South Swept all Four games

Top 4 Seeds won in Class D

UPSET- Niagara Falls Defeating Orchard Park

Favorites in Semi Finals:

Class AA- Lancaster, Williamsville North

Spartans better be ready for Wolverines

Class A-West Seneca West, South Park

Sparks need to play much better than they did against the Flames and better be ready for the Spartans who could upset them

Class B- Cheektowaga, Lackawanna

Flyers have a tough match up with the Steelers

Class C- Cleveland Hill, Southwestern

Trojans better be prepared for the Lakemen who could pull an upset with Stephen Frerichs, Matt Lance and Drew Westmoreland

Class D- Franklinville/Ellicottville, Maple Grove

Kudos to Mike Turrillo and Williamsville East for their Fantastic effort against South Park. The Flames left everything on the field and deserved to Win. Their performance was a credit to the players, coaches, fans, students and teachers. They are a credit to WNY High School Football

Congratulations to Glen Graham winning his 100 Victory as a Head Coach at Cleveland Hill. Not only is he a terrific Coach, he is a class act and a gift to WNY Football

Lancaster- with 2 more wins it will be the first time the Legends have Won Consecutive Sectional Championships. Their starting defense have only given up 6 points in 8 games.

Williamsville North dominated Bennett to remain Undefeated. Spartans get ready to play Niagara Falls which they defeated earlier in the season.

Orchard Park has their worst record in a 2 year span in decades. The Quakers were upset by the Wolverines and are 4-4 for 2017 and are 10-8 the past 2 years. The Quakers have no opponents quaking any more.

Jamestown's Tom Langworthy gambled on the 2 point conversion and won a marathon game with 105 points being scored by the Red raiders and the Red Devils. Freshman Savon Van Sickle will be playing Division I Football in 2021.


A Coach instructs his players to develop a workout program to be ready for next season. Imagine how much energy and commitment is made by so many student athletes who follow the coaches requests. Now fast forward to Friday October 20, 2017. You play Orchard Park a perennial power but on October 21st you get the paper and find out no box score or game highlights were available. So none of the Quaker players received any recognition. The game was at Orchard Park. So why wasn't the game called into the Media. 5 other games did not submit any highlights also. Why do Administrations allow this happen. SAD!