Dick Gallagher presents a high school player profile on Zach Samborski, who plays multiple positions for Lancaster High School:

Birth Date: Juanuary 24th, 1999

Class: 2017

Family: Brother – mom, dad, 3 sisters

Football Background: 11 seasons of football

Positions: running back and safety

Nickname: Sambo

Favorite NFL Player: Darren Sproles

Likes: Basketball, working out

Dislikes: Odell Beckham JR

Favorite Movie: Woodlawn

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Favorite Entertainer: Steph Curry

Favorite Song: Last Breath - Future

Best Friend: Leugim Castillo

Favorite Subject: Science

Goal in Life: To make an impact

Career Highlights: Broke 3 school records as a junior

Awards/Honors: All Conference (1st Team), All WNY (2nd Team), All State (5th team)

Best Attribute: dedicated, love to see others succeed, honest.

1. I have played 11 years of football.

2. My offseason will include 3 days of lower body/ drills and sprints, 2 days of upper body and team lifting on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday,

3. My personal goal this year is to be the best leader I can be, be the hardest worker I can be, and do my 1/11 to the best of my ability.

4. Noah Speyar has the best voice on the team.

5. Alex Barbaro and Mason Jaroslawsky are the funniest.

6. My best memory of playing sports was playing against Jamestown and rushing for 389 yards and 6 touchdowns.

7. My favorite NFL player is Darren Sproles.

8. My favorite food is steak and French fries.

9. My expectations are that we compete for championships.

10. Fear of being mediocre drives me.

11. JV season when we put grass in Alex Barbaros helmet was the funniest moment.

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