Dick Gallagher presents a player profile on Miles Haynes who plays football for McKinley High School.

Birth Date: 2/18/2000

Class: 2018

Family: Dad, Stepmom, Mom, 3 brothers, 1 sister

Football Background: Little league and McKinley JV and Varsity

Positions: RB & LB

Nickname: Milly Rock

Favorite NFL Player: Michael Vick

Likes: Being active, school

Dislikes: Being bored.

Favorite Movie: Don’t be a menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

Favorite TV Show: Power & Martin

Favorite Entertainer: G Herbo

Favorite Song: Don’t Forget – G Herbo

Best Friend: Taelon Hollamon/Devin Rand

Favorite Subject: History

Goal in Life: Be successful

Career Highlights: 95 tackles last season.

Awards/Honors: DPOY – Class A South

Best Attribute: My determination

How many years have you played football?

12 years.

What will be your work out and conditioning program during the off season?

Strength training 5 times a week.

What are your goals for this season?

Be the best player/teammate I can be.

Which teammate has the best voice?


Which teammate is the funniest?


What has been your best moment playing sports?

Beating Sweet Home on JV as a freshman.

Who is your favorite professional football player?

Michael Vick

What is your favorite food?

General Tso’s chicken.

What are your expectations this season?

Win the state championship!

What is your nickname?

Milly Rock.

What drives you?

Desire to win!

What are the strangest/funniest moments you witnessed playing football?

Seeing my friends that never played football try and play.

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