Section VI Championship Football games will be held:

Class D: Friday, November 3rd at 5pm

Class AA: Saturday, November 4th at 12pm

Class C: Saturday, November 4th at 3:15pm

Class B: Saturday, November 4th at 6:30pm

Dean Santorio, Grand Island head coach, needs one win to reach the coveted 100 victories club. Dean was a star for the Vikings and has exelled with his coaches and players for the Vikings. His record is 99-55-0 in 17 years.

Glen Grahman, head coach at Cleveland Hill has a record of 97-35-0 in 14 years. He needs 3 wins to reach the coveted 100 win club.

Correction: Rob Giancarlo, Sweet Home JR DL is a candidate for Player of the Year Honors.

Top Wide Receivers

Chad Biersbach, Depew

Dlan Kelly, Williamsville North

Nic Bruce, Orchard Park

RJ Brandon, Canisius

Alex Card, Southwestern

Cody Sanford, Williamsville South

Jalin Cooper, Medina

Tanner Feeley, Wilson

Retsen Daley, St. Francis

Jesse Broad, West Seneca West

Max Giordano, Lancaster

Ray Blackwell, Maryvale

Sam Mazzara, Starpoint

Joey Shifflet, Williamsville East

Dayquan Anderson, South Park

Paul Woods, Canisius

Zane Johnson, Grand Island

Brandon Brown, South Park

Christian Snell, Alden

Malik Brooks, Lockport

Andrew Pumford, Jamestown

Rodney Barnes, Niagara Falls

Alec Miller, Williamsville South

Justin Johnson, West Seneca West

Keenan Ollison, Canisius

Tommy Zolnowski, Cheektowaga

Top Class Acts

Rob Giancarlo, Sweet Home

Brian Strybel, Orchard Park

Andrew Pumford, Jamestown

R.J. Brandon, Canisius

Joe Andreesen, Lancaster

Tom Cecere, Grand Island

Matt Myers, West Seneca West

Cole Snyder, Southwestern

Brock Blecha, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Jack Putney, Clarence

Tyler Bailey, Frontier

Sam Arrington, Cleveland Hill

Mike Rigerman, Pioneer

Rodney Bailey, Hutch-Tech

Legacy Stadium in Katy, Texas is the most expensive facility for high school football in the country with a cost of 72 million. The total population of Katy is only 14,000 but the stadium can comfortably seat 12,000.

The video replay board cost 2 million. In Texas, football is a tradition and a religion. In Buffalo and WNY it is only a game. In 2014, Allen Texas paid 59.8 million for a high school football complex with a capacity of 18,000. 7500 chairback seats are sold on a season basis each year. Officials reserve 5000 seats for the fans of the visiting team, 4000 for Allen students and 1000 for the school band which leaves 500 for general admission each week. Amazing but true.

Best 2 Year Records

Maple Grove 21-3

Cheektowaga 20-2

South Park 18-4

Canisius 18-5

Cleveland Hill 18-5

Starpoint 16-3

Lancaster 16-4

Bennett 16-5

Franklinville/Ellicottville 16-5

Orchard Park 14-5

West Seneca East 13-5

Correction: Jordan Snyder, JFK SR WR/DB is potential league defensive player of the year.

Mason Hoose, former Canisius alumnus, recorded 17 tackles in Santa Barbara’s community college game last week.

2017 Chuck Funke Memorial Classic Bowl Finals

Class D: 6pm at Catt/LV

Class C: 5pm at Pioneer

Class B: 7:45pm at Pioneer

Class A; 5:30pm at Depew

Class AA: 8pm at Depew

Federation Tie-BreK Procedure

After a completion of the regular season of football play by them members of the Section VI Federation, the winners in each division will be determined by the Sectional Football Committee composed of the football chairmen. A tie breaking procedure will be used during the regular season in the Section VI Football Federation for any varsity games involving federation schools. In most cases, the won-lost record vs. common division opponents will be the determining factor.

Head to head competition between two tied teams. The winning team will be declared the divisional representative. When three or more teams are tied, one team must have beaten ALL of the remaining tied teams to be declared the divisional representative.

In the event of three or more teams are tied and have played each other and one team beat all others, that team is the highest seed. If no single team has beaten all others, the team with the highest point differential using only the games played against each other will be the highest seed.

Coaches please forward game and season stats to Thank you.

Hutch Tech JVs defeated Orchard Park 32-12 and are now 6-0 with a 174-28 point differential including 4 shutouts.

Potential Candidates for League Players of the Year


Msgr. Martin Association

RJ Brandon, Canisius

Jayce Johnson, Canisius

Paul Woods, Canisius

Casey Kelly, St. Joe’s

Class AA

D’Jae Perry, St. Mary’s

Nic Bruce, Orchard Park

Andrew Hersey, Lancaster

Ryan Mansell, Lancaster

Dylan Kelly, Williamsville North

Class A North

Aaron Chase, Starpoint

Anthony Robinson, Starpoint

Josh Foster, Williamsville South

Maurice Robertson, Sweet Home

Tom Cecere, Grand Island

Class A South

Matt Myers, West Seneca West

Jacob Maurino, West Seneca East

DaBeyon, Humphrey, South Park

Clarence Thomas, South Park

Kaiyer,Fields, McKinley

Class B-1

Keshone Beal, Cheektowaga

Dylan Casey, Maryvale

Connor Desiderio, Maryvale

Class B-2

Ugene Harrison, Albion

Jaziah Rivera, Dunkirk

Devaun Farnham-DeJesus

Class B-3

Brandon Gross, Newfane

Khalil Horton, Lackawanna

London Smith, Lackawanna

Jalin Cooper, Medina

Class C North

James Bailey, JFK

Steven Frerichs, Wilson

Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill

Class C South

Cole Snyder, Southwestern

Connor Crabtree, Cassadaga Valley/Falconer

Class D

Brock Blecha, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Nick Fabrizio, Maple Grove

Derek Ecklund, Clymer/Sherman/Panama


Msgr. Martin Association

Joe Jamison, Canisius

Keon Howard, St. Joe’s

CJ Ozolins, St. Mary’s

Keenan Ollison, Canisius

Class AA

Joseph Andreessen, Lancaster

Ben Damiani, Lancaster

Rodney Bailey, Hutch-Tech

Scott Becht, Williamsville North

Brett Beetow, Lancaster

Class A North

Rob Giancola, Sweet Home

Kyle Schreader, Starpoint

Jemelle Jones, Williamsville South

Class A South

Jeremiah Sanders, South Park

Miles Haynes, McKinley

Mike Glinski, West Seneca West

Spencer Slachetka, Iroquois

Parker Valvo, Iroquois

Class B-1

Nick Costanzo, Maryvale

Mike Rigerman, Pioneer

Alekzander Byrant, Cheektowaga

Trevor Smith, Pioneer

Taivaughn Roach, Cheektowaga

Class B-2

Tywon Wright, Dunkirk

Class B-3

Jakwon Ingra, Lackawanna

Julian Nixon, Newfane

Brandon Windnagle, Alden

Class C North

Jacob Sarow, Akron

Ryan Majerowski, Cleveland Hill

Jordan Snyder, JFK

Class D

Taige Jones, Maple Grove

Griffin Chudy, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Tom Delahoy, Clymer/Sherman/Panama

Stats Update Through Week 5

Tom Cecere, Grand Island SR RB, has rushed for 671 yards, 7 touchdowns, caught 6 passes for 86 yards and 1 touchdown.

Zane Johnson, Grand Island SR WR, has 21 receptions for 414 yards and 6 touchdowns, recorded 6 tackles and 2 interceptions.

Nick Anzalone, Grand Island SR LB, has recorded 58 tackles for the Vikings in 5 games.

Joe Jamison, Canisius JR RB/LB, has rushed for 274 yards, 8 touchdowns, and recorded 32 tackles including 8 TFL for the Crusaders.

Jayce Johnson, Canisius SR QB, has rushed for 321 yards, 6 touchdowns and passed for 651 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Players Who Are Not Receiving Recognition

Tyler Bailey, Frontier JR is a physical player. His best game was at Clarence when he rushed for 68 yards, 9 tackles, and 2 TFL.

Joe Powers, Lew-Port JR OL/DL is a non stop motor. His best game was vs. Burgard when he ad 13 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 TFL.

Maurice Robertson, Sweet Home JR QB/DB has passed for 614 yards, 8 touchdowns, and rushed for 203 yards and 4 touchdowns and recorded 30 tackles.

Rob Giancarlo, Sweet Home JR DL, recorded 32 tackles.

Cam Sionko, Grand Island JR QB, has passed for 669 yards, 10 touchdowns, and scored 1 touchdowns rushing for the Vikings.

Jr Brandon, Canisius SR WR, has 10 receptions for 198 yd and 2 tds for the Crusaders.

D’Shaun Barefield, Amherst, SR RB in 4 games has rushed for 383 yds and 4 tds for the Tigers.

Charles Kilgo, Amherst SR, has recorded 58 tackles for the Tigers.

Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill JR RB/LB, has rushed for 684 yds , 12 tds, and recorded 26 tackles for the Golden Eagles in 5 games.

Ryan Majerowski, Cleveland Hill SR LB has recorded 34 tackles this season.

Julian Nixon, Newfane SR LB/RB has rushed for 733 yds, 8 tds and recorded 47 tackles for the Panthers.

David Perkins, Orchard Park SR RB, has rushed for 392 yds and 7 tds for the Quakers.

Nic Bruce, Orchard Park SR WR, has caught 29 passes for 459 yds and 6 tds in 5 games.

Jack Sharp, Orchard Park Soph QB has passed for 943 yds and 11 tds for the Quakers.

Micharel Pataky, Orchard Park, JR LB, has 28.5 tackles in 5 games.

Brandon Gross, Newfane SR QB has passed for 389 yds, 4 tds, rushed for 568 yds and 9 tds for the panthers in 5 games.

Joe Andreesen, Lancaster SR OL/ LB has recorded 43 tackles and excels on the offensive line.

Andrew Hersey, Lancaster SR RB has rushed for 498 yds and 13 tds for the Legends.

Max Giordano, Lancaster SR WR/DB has caught 22 passes for 323 yds this season.

Ryan Mansell, Lancaster SR QB, has passed for 847 yds and 5 tds for the Legends in 5 games.

Ben Damiani, Lancaster, SR OL/ LB, has recorded 36 tackles and 7 TFL this season.

Gerrit Hinsdale, Clymer/ Sherman/ Panama Soph QB, has passed for 795 yds and 8 tds for the Wolf Pack in 5 games.

Thomas Delahoy, Clymer/ Sherman/ Panama SR OL/DL has recorded 48 tackles and 9 TFL this season.

Derek Ecklund, Clymer/ Sherman/ Panama JR RB/LB, has rushed for 319 yds, 5 tds and recorded 48 tackles, 8 for TFL and 4 sacks.

Trevor Smith, Pioneer JR DE/OL, recorded 34 tackles, 5 sacks and 8 QB pressures for the Panthers.

Mike Ricerman, Pioneer JR RB/LB, has rushed for 317 yds averaging 11.2 yds per carry. 6 receptions for 88 yds, 75 tackles and 1 interception in 5 games for the Pioneers.

Predictions Week 7


St. Joe’s

Cardinal O’Hara




Orchard Park

Williamsville North




West Seneca West

South Park

Williamsville South

Grand Island

North Tonawanda









Silver Creek




Maple Grove





Kenmore West

Cleveland Hill

Winless Teams

Timon/ St. Jude



East Aurora/ Holland




Eden/ North Collins

Gowanda/ Pine Valley


Unbeaten Teams


Williamsville North

West Seneca West



Franklinville/ Ellicottville

Potential Championship Matchups

Section VI

Class AA – Williamsville North vs Lancaster

Class A – South Park vs West Seneca West

Class B – Cheektowaga vs Dunkirk/ Maryvale

Class C – Cleveland Hill vs Southwestern

Class D – Franklinville/ Ellicottville vs Maple Grove

MSGR Martin Assn – Canisius vs St. Francis/ St. Joes

Surprise Teams

Newfane, Albion, Grand Island, Iroquois, Jamestown, Clymer/ Sherman/ Panama, Williamsville East

Most Tackles Week 6

Rashad Law, Maryvale – 15

Vinny Certo, Southwestern – 16

Shayne Harrington, Newfane – 15

Mike Rigerman, Pioneer – 14

Zac O’Shei, Alden – 14

Ray Miranda, Canisius – 12

Julian Nixon, Newfane – 12

Juston Johnson, South Park – 11

Chris Pettiway, Bennett – 11

Chad Dunbar, Newfane – 11

Nick Costanzo, Maryvale – 10

Corey Keefe, Falconer/CV – 10

Mike Glinski, West Seneca West – 10

Ben Schoenle, Canisius – 9

Collin O’Brien, Clarence – 11

AJ Hill, Lockport – 11

Lancaster’s starting defense has only given up 6 points in 6 games.

Dean Santorio, head coach at Grand Island won his 100th game when the Vikings defeated Sweet home. Dean’s record in 17 years is 100-56-00. Congratulations to the Vikings’ legend.

Most Accurate Preseason Prediction: West Seneca East would be the fourth ranked team in Class A South.

Most Disappointing Teams: McKinley, Alden, Springville, North Tonawanda, St. Joe’s

Top Passing Combinations:

Jack Putney to Jon Stevens, Clarence

Cole Snyder to Alex Card, Southwestern

Ryan Mansell to Max Giordano, Lancaster

Jayce Johnson to Paul Woods, Canisius

Joe Pagano to Chad Biersbach, Depew

Easton Tanner to Zack Fischer, Maple Grove

Stephen Frerichs to Marcel Wilson, Wilson

An excellent lineman who should be a trench trophy finalist in 2018 is Stephen Boyd, Cardinal O’Hara.

Huge win for Canisius defeating Massillon, Ohio, one of the top programs in Ohio. A crowd of 10,000 were in attendance. They have a live tiger as a mascot, set off fireworks after every score, and is the 2nd winningest high school football program in the nation.

Chad Biersbach, Depew SR WR, set a school record with 33 receptions in a season, breaking the old mark of 30 held by Mike Alberti in 1987. The Wildcats pulled out an exciting 44-41 win over Olean. Chad caught 7 passes in the contest.

Future Stars: Mike and Carson Alberti at Depew

Best Musician: Jon Stevens, Clarence

St. Joe’s totally dominated its game with St. Francis but lost because of 9 penalties, 2 interceptions, 1 lost fumble, and not coming up with the big play when needed. The Marauders outgained the Red Raiders 492 to 310 yards and on the ground gained 336 yards to 183 yards. The loss also puts St. Francis in a better position for a bye in week 1 of the playoffs.

Congratulations to Chuck Nagel and the Newfane Panthers for making the playoffs for the first time since 1993. They returned 19 starters and have quality play makers in Brandon Gross, Julian Nixon, and Chad Dunbar. A job well done by the coaches and players.

The following teams have been eliminated from participating in the Section VI Football Playoffs: Frontier, Lockport, Kenmore East, Kenmore West, North Tonawanda, McKinley, Hamburg, Amherst, Lake Shore, Lew-Port, East Aurora, Springville, Fredonia/Westfield/Brocton, Tonawanda, Alden, Olean, Barker-Roy Hart, Eden/North Collins, Gowanda/Pine Valley. Some of these teams will compete in the Chuck Funke Bowl games.

For the 6th week of play, 19 home teams won while 17 visiting teams earned victories.

Excellent weapon: Kicking of St. Francis P/K JR Jacob Miller.

Top Offensive Line: Canisius

Top Sophomore: Xavier Janczylik, St. Francis

Top Juniors:
Shayne Harrington, Newfane
Joe Pagano, Depew
Jon Stevens, Clarence
Izaiah Rhim, Medina
Cole Snyder, Southwestern
Easton Tanner, Maple Grove
Joel Nicholas, Canisius
Steve Frerichs, Wilson

Top Seniors
Khalil Horton, Lackawanna
Nick Anzalone, Grand Island
Chris Pettiway, Bennett

Portville ended its winless streak with its defeat over Nichols.

Shutouts: Orchard Park, Grand Island, Cleveland Hill, Lackawanna, Southwestern, Niagara Falls

Fewest Points Scored Through Week 6

East Aurora/Holland – 37 points

Lew-Port – 49 points

Timon/St. Jude – 52 points

Eden/North Collins – 54 points

Nichols – 58 points

Fewest Points Allowed Through Week 6

West Seneca East – 50 points

Southwestern – 60 points

Maple Grove – 60 points

Grand Island – 65 points

Cleveland Hill – 69 points

Lackawanna – 70 points

Williamsville North – 72 points

Franklinville/Ellicottville – 74 points

Dunkirk – 76 points

Lancaster – 78 points

Newfane – 78 points

Cheektowaga – 81 points

Most Points Allowed Through Week 6

Timon/St. Jude – 295 points

Lockport – 271 points

East Aurora/Holland – 265 points

Portville – 253 points

Eden/North Collins – 248 points

Tonawanda – 240 points

Amherst – 216 points

North Tonawanda – 215 points

St. Joe’s – 211 points

Springville – 208 points

Kenmore East – 205 points

JV Highlights

The JV Cheektowaga Warriors improved their record to 5-1 on the season with a 34-7 win over East Aurora. The boys did not play well in the first half but came out in the second half and scored 28 unanswered points to secure the win. Jayden DuBard had 3 rushing touchdowns, while Imani Reed chipped in with 2 rushing touchdowns on his own. The defense once again played well with Tyler Toy recovering a fumble and Tariq Clark had an interception.