News and Notes Week 11

Championship Highlights

Lancaster won its second consecutive title and improved its championship game record to 4 wins and 6 losses.

West Seneca West won the title in the school’s first championship football game at New Era Field.

Maple Grove won its 4th consecutive title game improved its record in championship games to 9-10. The Red Dragons have the 2nd most appearance with 19 behind Orchard Park which has 22.

Cleveland Hill won its 2nd consecutive Class C Championship and improved its record to 8 wins and 3 losses in title contests.

Cheektowaga won its 4th sectional title and improved the Warriors record to 4-1 in championships.

Playoffs MVP’s

Class AA – Offense

Andrew Hersey, Lancaster

Ryan Mansell, Lancaster

Defense – Joe Andreessen, Lancaster

Ben Damiani, Lancaster

Jacob Michalski, Lancaster

Class A – Offense

Dayquan Anderson, South Park

Matt Myers, West Seneca West

Defense – Mike Glinski, West Seneca West

Josh Karmazyn, West Seneca West

Elijah Lewis, South Park

Class B – Offense

Keshone Beal, Cheektowaga

Connor Desiderio, Maryvale

Defense – Kasean Anthony, Cheektowaga

Nick Costanzo, Maryvale

Class C – Offense

Alex Cara, Southwestern

Ryan Majerowski, Cleveland Hill

Defense – Chris Diew, Cleveland Hill

James Purpura, Cleveland Hill

Class D – Offense

Nick Fabrizio, Maple Grove

Easton Tanner, Maple Grove

Defense – Griffin Chudy, Franklinville/ Ellicottville

Carter Russo, Maple Grove

Zak Trim, Maple Grove

Title Stats

Most Yards Rushing 392 – Cleveland Hill

Most Yards Passing 222 – Maryvale

Most Penalties 13 – South Park

Most Sacks 7 – Lancaster

Most First Downs 20 – Southwestern

Least Yards Rushing 33 – Williamsville North

Least Yards Passing 4 – Cleveland Hill

Least Penalties 4 – Franklinville/ Ellicottville

Least Sacks 0 – Southwestern/ Maryvale/ Titans

Least First Downs – 9 Titans

Most Points Allowed 2017:

Timon/ St. Jude – 434

Niagara Wheatfield – 367

Portville – 354

Eden/ North Collins – 344

Lockport – 344

East Aurora/ Holland – 340

Amherst – 331

Least Points Scored 2017:

East Aurora/ Holland – 51

Lake Shore – 60

Tonawanda – 68

Timon/ St. Jude – 72

Eden/ North Collins – 88

Portville – 88

Lockport – 103

Hutch Tech – 108

Catt/ LV -114

Williamsville East – 116

Frontier – 116

The Good: Tremendous Class B title that Cheektowaga won in overtime in over Maryvale.

The Bad: Some questionable calls by officials.

The Ugly: In 5 title games there were a total of 72 penalties called for 721 yds. Also on 3rd conversions only 41 of 106 plays were successful.

Jim Kelly Underclassmen for Week 10:

Offense – Connor Desiderio, Maryvale (Soph QB)

Defense – Chris Diem, Cleveland Hill (Soph LB)

Lancaster plays Aquinas this Friday in a state regional matchup. The “Little Irish” have won 10 titles since 2006 (4 Class A and 6 Class A). The legends cannot afford any penalties or turnovers if they are to win their 1st regional title. Williamsville North in the 1st Half against Lancaster limited The Legends to 22 yds rushing in 16 attempts. Eric Rupp and the coaching staff the team to be focused, physical and play their best game ever. Legends had 9 penalties against the Spartans for 115 yds. They must improve their discipline and focus if they are to advance in the playoffs.

At the end of the Class B title game Mike Fatta was dancing across the field in a very exciting and stylish Manner in fact he has a new nickname “Twinkle Toes Mike”. What’s next for the Cheektowaga head Coach? Possible appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”. Question who would be Mike’s partner on the TV show? We know one individual that it won’t be, that’s Asst. Coach Scott Zipp. Scott might be Mr. Photogenic but is definitely not a dancer.

Most Dedicated Coach Curt Fischer Maple Grove, the Head Coach had Hernia surgery Tuesday and 3 days later was able to be on the sidelines and win his 9th sectional title. Having had 3 Hernia surgeries I find it amazing for Curt to have the Stamina to be on the Sidelines.

Top Sophomores Week 10

Chris Diem, Cleveland Hill

Cooper Pannes, Southwestern

Scott Hopkins, Williamsville North

Connor Desiderio, Maryvale

Conor Mahony, Lancaster

Gavin Zbock, Maryvale

Clarence Thomas, South Park

Deon Burnett, South Park

Liam Scheuer, West Seneca West

Mike Glinski, West Seneca West

D’Jae Perry, St. Mary’s

Top Juniors Week 10

Zach Fischer, Maple Grove

Steve Rowland, Franklinville/ Ellicottville

Dylan Ryan, Williamsville North

Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill

Alex Card, Southwestern

Cole Snyder, Southwestern

D’Mario Grant, Cleveland Hill

Javon Thomas, Cleveland Hill

Rashad Law, Maryvale

Gavin Zbock, Maryvale

Keshone Beal, Cheektowaga

Taivaughn Roach, Cheektowaga

Brody Carr, Cheektowaga

Elijah Lewis, South Park

Mike Clinski, West Seneca West

Dabeyon Humphrey, South Park

Jayden Lofton, St. Joes

Top Seniors Week 10

Matt Myers, West Seneca West

Josh Karmazyn West Seneca West

Ka’Sean Anthony, Cheektowaga

Adam Bellaus, Cheektowaga

Nick Constanzo, Maryvale

Ray Blackwell, Maryvale

Dylan Casey, Maryvale

Brian Burns, Southwestern

Vinny Certo, Southwestern

Brett Kochanski, Cleveland Hill

Ryan Majerowski, Cleveland Hill

James Purpura, Cleveland Hill

Ben Damiani, Lancaster

Jacob Michalski, Lancaster

Joe Andreessen, Lancaster

Max Giordano, Lancaster

Ryan Mansell, Lancaster

Jacob Calo, Lancaster

Brock Blecha, Franklinville/ Ellicottville

Groffin Chudy, Franklinville/ Ellicottville

Sam Erickson, Franklinville/ Ellicottville

Zak Trim

Nick Fabrizio

Carter Russo