Dick Gallagher presents a JV high school football coach profile on Jack King from St. Francis High School:

Why did you enter the coaching profession?

I love the game and helping young men in all the life lessons and being a positive influence in their lives.

What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?

Seeing the kids improve and become a team. Also watching them grow and succeed in life.

What were your most memorable moments in coaching high school football?

Meeting the kids after graduation and they say thanks.

What is your primary role as a JV Head Coach?

Get kids ready for the varsity level, teaching fundamentals, techniques and life lessons all while keeping the game fun.

What was the best teams you have coached?

I have had a few undefeated teams in little loop and 8 championships at St. Francis.

What were your most memorable moments in playing football?

Learning from defeat.

Who was your mentor?

Kevin Murphy and I have coached the last 16 years together. He is my right-hand man and a great coach.

How many years have you coached football?

I have been coaching for 28 years.

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