Highlights: Canisius (55) vs. St Joe’s (16)

The Crusaders won for the eighth consecutive year and 13th in the last 17 games. The last wins for St. Joe’s were in 2010 and 2011 when Chad Kelly was the Marauders QB.

Approcimately 2,500 fans were in attendance with the Crusaders chirping for 48 minutes while the Marauders were mostly silent.

Game was televised by MSH with Chris Brown and Donald Jones calling the game. The production was outstanding; Chris and Donald were excellent. Congratualtions to Bryce Hopkins, Canisius Asst. Coach for the outstanding game preview for the media and fans.

MVP Players

Joe Jamison, RJ Brandon, Jayce Johnson, Paul Woods, Tristian Vandenberg

St. Joe’s:
Keon Howard,

Unsung Players

Brad Currell, James Desiderio, Ben Schoenle, Jarrett Benton

St. Joe’s:
Casey Kelly, Cameron Dabil

Series Record: St. Joe’s 47, Canisius 38. 3 Ties

St. Joe’s – Casey Kelly, Gatterr House
Canisius – Kenyatta Huston

Joel Jameson (Canisius JR RB) rushed for 85 yards and 3 TDs
Tristian Vanderberg (Canisius JR K) bouted 6 touchbacks and was 7 of 8 PATS.
RJ Brandon had 2 receptions for 87 yards and a TD for the Crusaders.
Jayce Johnson (Canisius SR QB) passed for 162 yards and 2 TDs
Joe Jameson and Joel Nicholas each recorded 8 tackles
Ray Miranda (Canisius) recorded 7 tackles

Canisius had 9 penalties for 85 yards, and St. Joe’s jad 6 penalties for 25 yards.

Keon Howard (St. Joe’s, Soph LB/RB) excelled on both sides of the ball and will be a force for the Marauders for the rest of his high school football career.