The following players were asked to describe in on word the ability to play for the championship at New Era Field. Their response follows:

South Park

Devonte Fountain – Dedication

Donte Ridgeway – Hard Work

Deabeyon Humphrey – Determination

Latrell London – Speed

Jeremiah Sanders – Fun


Nick Costanzo – Surreal

Ray Blackwell – Opportunity

Riley Sawning – Magnificent

Dylan Casey – Nifty

Colby Taggart – Unreal

Williamsville North

Vinny Catanzaro – Fantastic

Ivan Chemmegne – Marvelous

Nicholas Hutson - Exciting

Scott Becht – Surreal

Cameron Walter – Amazing


Ryan Mansell – Amazing

Ben Damiani – Breathtaking

Joe Andreessen – Astonishing

Brett Beetow – Awe-inspiring

Max Giordano – Enjoyable

Cleveland Hill

Sam Arrington – Fantastic

Aaron Wahler – Sensational

Brett Kochanski – Breathtaking

James Purpura – Remarkable

Manny Al-Hemyari – Amazing

West Seneca West

Matt Meyers – Blessed

Vinny Draper – Critical

Brad Claycomb – Historical

Jesse Broad – Brotherhood

Juston Johnson – Proud

The Buffalo Bills are putting in high school goal posts for the sectional championship this weekend. There is a huge difference and the Bills are to be congratulated for making it happen. NFL and NCAA goal posts are 18ft 6 inches wide. High school goal posts are 23 ft 4 inches. Difference of 4ft 8 inches.

Players with Best Personality at Media Day

Lancaster – Ryan Mansell

Williamsville North – Vinny Catanzaro

South Park – Donte Ridgeway

West Seneca West – Juston Johnson

Cheektowaga – Tariq Whitaker

Maryvale – Nick Costanzo

Cleveland Hill – James Purpura

Southwestern – Cole Snyder

Maple Grove – Alex Card

Franklinville/Ellicottville – Dakota Olsen

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