Dick Gallagher brings you a high school football coach profile on Phil Vecchio who coaches for Olean High School:

Name: Phil Vecchio

High School: Olean High School

College: Alfred University

Family: wife (Danielle) daughter (Samantha) son (Luke)

Likes: Positive attitude, strong work ethic

Pet Peeves: Paperwork – “ME” Players

Hobbies: Hanging with family – Golf

Years Coaching: 20 years (assistant) 1 as head coach

Record: 8-1

Favorite Movie: The Godfather

Favorite TV Shows: Designated Survivor – currently (All-time Cheers)

Favorite Foods: Pasta – Lobster Tails

Future Plans: Hopefully to build on a good first year.

Football Career Highlights: -

Was named captain as a player.

Being part of the 1994-1995 wins at Rich Stadium.

Favorite NFL Player: Kyle Williams

How do you prepare for a game?

Our staff pores through game tape to try to look for tendencies of the other team/preparing our team!

Why did you enter the coaching field?

Always had a strong interest, even in high school it was something that I thought I wanted to do.

What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?

Seeing student-athletes improve physically and mentally. Seeing our guys embrace the team concept.

What games do you remember the most?

The aforementioned wins at Rich Stadium and being part of some great comeback and OT wins last year.

What do you expect from a player?

To give their best effort daily and to understand that team accomplishments far outweigh individual accolades.

How much longer do you plan to coach?

As long as it continues to be fun and the members of our terrific coaching staff stay in place.

What was the best team you have coached?

1994 – Although last year’s team provided some wonderful memories that will last forever.

Who was your mentor?

Mike Kane – I played for and coached with Coach Kane for half my life!

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