1. Medina
2. Lackawanna
3. Alden
4. Tonawanda
5. Newfane
6. Roy-Hart/Barker

Offensive Players of the Year:
Chad Biersbach, Depew
Khalil Horton, Lackawanna
Jalin Cooper, Medina
Christian Snell, Alden
Bryan Cylbuski, Alden

Defensive Players of the Year:
Meach Gardiner, Albion
Jaekwon Ingram, Lackawanna
Johnny Salone, Medina

Linemen of the Year:
Taye Cummings, Lackawanna
Salvatore Gioeli, Roy-Hart/Barker
Henry Palermo, Tonawanda

Unsung Players of the Year:
Izaiah Rhim, Medina
Danny Elvers, Lackawanna

Underclassmen of the Year:
Johnny Salone, Medina
Izaiah Rhim, Medina


Mustangs had an excellent season last year until shocked by the loss to Lackawanna in the first round of the playoffs. They have All-WNY candidates in Jalin Cooper, Johnny Salone, Izaiah Rhim, and Mason Lewis. Cooper is an outstanding 3 sport athlete and received 11 division I scholarship offers and committed to The University of Toledo. Other key players include Ian Joseph and Brandan Luthart. They have tough matchup in the opener vs. Burgard at Riverside. They host the Steelers in week 3 in an important league matchup. Mustangs return 12 starters. Varsity squad is 12-6 and JV 10-5 in the past 2 seasons. Offense could be explosive. They will compete for league title and playoff berth.

Head Coach: Eric Valley (43-38-0) 9 years
Assistant Coaches: Eric Hellwig, Neal Herman, Gordy Luthart, Adam Hellwig, Mike Eaton, Zach Houseman
2016 Varsity Record: 6-3-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 7. Defense is 5.
Key Players: Jalin Cooper, Mason Lewis, Izaiah Rhim, Ian Joseph, Johnny Salone, Brendan Luthart
Key Losses: Jake Cotter, Tyler Howard, Dawson Joy, Lucas Porter
2016 JV Record: 4-3-0


Steelers made a huge playoff upset by defeating the Mustangs. They return several quality players led by All-WNY candidates London Smith, Noble Smith, Khalil Horton, and Jaekwon Ingram. Other key players include Robert Rice, Danny Elvers, Manny Lard, and Juan Rodriguez. They return 5 starters on offense and 6 on defense. They play Newfane and Eden/North Collins in the first 2 games. They will compete for league and sectional titles. Offense could be explosive. Key to the season will be the play of line. Will play home games at Lackawanna High School.

Head Coach: Adam Tardif (27-27-0) 6 years
Assistant Coaches: Jeff Otremba, Terrance Ware, Marcus Rivers
2016 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 6.
Key Players: London Smith, Noble Smith, Robert Rice, Khalil Horton, Jaekwon Ingram, Danny Elvers, Juan Rodriguez, Emmanuel Lard, Nabil Nasr, Jeremiah Caviness, Alex Rodriguez, Taye Cummings, Hunter Wittmar
Key Losses: Shakur Snow, Paul Brooks, Marquez Lofton
2016 JV Record: 4-3-0


Bulldogs return 9 starters but only 2 on defense. Have All-WNY candidates in Christian Snell, Bryan Cybulski, and Riley Pastuszunski. Other key players include Glenn Drew, Tom Bednarski, Brandon Windnagle and Stephon Marks. One note of concern is the JVs last year were winless. Offense could be explosive led by Cybulski and Snell. They will compete for league title. They host Tonawanda in week 1 and Roy-Hart/Barker in week 2. They face Lackawanna and Cheektowaga in week 3 and 4. Key to the season will be play of line.

Head Coach: Rob Currin (27-10-0) 4 years
Assistant Coaches: Ken Partel, Joe Gawron, Mike Matecki, Kevin Haggerty, Dan Cornwell
2016 Varsity Record: 6-3-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 7, Defense is 2.
Key Players: Christian Snell, Bryan Cybulski, Riley Pastuszynski, Glenn Drew, Brandon Windnagle, Colin Skowronski, Justin Mason, Stephon Marks
Key Losses: Kyle Roy, Alex Handley, Michael Handley
2016 JV Record: 0-7-0


Joe Kelly returns 15 starters from last year’s squad. They have All-WNY candidates in Henry Palarmo, Noah Ray, John Forester, and Reilly Whipple. Other key players include Chris Tartick, Zach Braddell, and Connor Licht. They have struggled in the past 2 seasons with 5 wins on Varsity and 2 with JV. They have tough matchups in the first 2 games with Alden and Medina. Defense yielded 330 points and it must improve this season or the Warriors will struggle again. Graduated 13 players from last year’s team and should improve this season.

Head Coach: Joe Kelly (2-8-0) 1 year
Assistant Coaches: Brad Keitz, David Paffle
2016 Varsity Record: 2-8-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 7, Defense is 5.
Key Players: Henry Palermo, Noah Ray, Chris Tartick, John Forester, Reilly Whipple, Jason Frazier, Zach Braddell, Alex Prims, Noah Gross, Connor Light, Quinten Badner, Destin Tirado
Key Losses: Aaron Simmons, Ethan Shattuck
2016 JV Record: 1-6-0


Panthers look to improve on last season’s 2 wins. Key players for Chuck Nagel include Connor Hill, Chad Dunbar, Julian Nixon, Brandon Gross, Zach Brown and Ryan Keys. They return 19 starters and open with a tough matchup at Lackawanna in week 1. They host Lew-Port in week 2 and should improve this season. This team only averaged 11 points in 9 games last season. Key to the season will be to put points on the board. Panthers rented lights for their game in week 2 against Lew-Port

Head Coach: Chuck Nagel (7-38-0) 5 years
Assistant Coaches: John Vosburgh, Chuck Baker, Ryan Keys
2016 Varsity Record: 2-7-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 10, Defense is 9.
Key Players: Connor Hill, Chad Dunbar, Julian Nixon, Zach Brown, Brandon Gross, Ryan Haner
Key Losses: Trevor Tomtishen, Albert Kramp
2016 JV Record: 5-3-0


Raiders look to improve on a 2 win season in 2016. Key players include Salvatore Gioeli, Aaron Currie, Jacob Bruning, Malik Smith, and Gavyn Samanka. They play Akron and Alden in the first 2 weeks. Raiders gave up 265 points in 8 games and the defense must improve to be competitive. Don Baker takes over from Bill Bruning as head coach. Graduated 15 players from last year’s squad. Gioeli is 6'6, 300 lbs and will be a force on the line.

Head Coach: Don Baker (first year)
Assistant Coaches: Marcus Wyche
2016 Varsity Record: 2-6-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 4.
Key Players: Salvatore Gioeli, Aaron Currie, Jacob Bruning, Malik Smith, Gavyn Samanka
Key Losses: Trevor Meal, Ed Wasnock


QB – Noble Smith, Lackawanna
QB – Bryan Cybulski, Alden
QB – Izaiah Rhim, Medina
RB – Christian Snell, Alden
RB – Khalil Horton, Lackawanna
RB – Noah Ray, Tonawanda
WR – Jalin Cooper, Medina
WR – London Smith, Lackawanna
OL – Glenn Drew, Alden
OL – Salvatore Gioeli, Barker/Roy-Hart
OL – Robert Rice, Lackawanna
OL – Henry Palermo, Tonawanda
OL – Connor Hill, Newfane
K – Riley Pastuszynski, Alden
RS – Jacob Bruning, Barker/Roy-Hart
U – Brandon Gross, Newfane

DL – Ian Joseph, Medina
DL – Jaekwon Ingram, Lackawanna
DL – Chad Dunbar, Newfane
DL – Salvatore Gioeli, Barker/Roy-Hart
LB – Chris Tartick, Tonawanda
LB – Emmanuel Lard, Lackawanna
LB – Julian Nixon, Newfane
LB – Brandon Windnagle, Alden
DB – Mason Lewis, Medina
DB – Riley Pastuszynski, Alden
DB – Brendan Luthart, Medina
DB – Johnny Salone, Medina
RS – Alex Rodriguez, Lackawanna
U – Noah Ray, Tonawanda

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