1. Starpoint

2. North Tonawanda

3. Kenmore West

4. Williamsville South

5. Grand Island

6. Sweet Home

7. Williamsville East

8. Kenmore East

Offensive Players of the Year:

Josh Foster – Williamsville South
Cam Sionko – Grand Island
Marcellus Overton – North Tonawanda
Dylan McDuffie – Sweet Home

Defensive Players of the Year:

Kevin Steele, Williamsville East
Anthony Robinson, Starpoint

Linemen of the Year:

Jordan Holmes – North Tonawanda
Dan Thomeer – Williamsville South

Unsung Players of the Year:

Joe Shifflet – Williamsville East
Jemelle Jones – Williamsville South

Underclassman of the Year:

Aaron Chase – Starpoint
Jake Meyer – North Tonawanda

Starpoint Spartans:

Spartans return 14 starters from last season’s league champions and runner-up in the Class A championship. Returning are quality All-WNY candidates in QB Aaron Chase, RB/LB Anthony Robinson, lineman Mike Parrise and DB Sam Mazzara Al Cavagnaro has excellent talent from 6-1 JV squad. Varsity is 17–3–0 and JV is 13-1-2 in the past two seasons. The Spartans will compete for league and sectional titles but they will miss Tajay Ahmed on both sides of the ball. Spartans open with Williamsville East and Kenmore West. They’ll be in playoffs. Spartans only have three home games.

Head Coach: Al Cavagnaro (82-77-0, 17yrs)

Assistant Coaches: Tim Racey, Paul Mulvey, Nate Beutel, Justin Baumann, Chris Prezioso, Bill Aquina, Mike Dunlop, Jim Duncan, Mike Lopardi

2016 Varsity Record: 9-1-0

Starters Returning: Offense- 8, Defense- 6

Key Players: Anthony Robinson, Aaron Chase, Kyle Schreader, Justin Mott, Griffin Mack, Max Bowden, Josh Brooks, Mike Parisse, Sam Mazzara

Key Losses: Tajay Ahmed, Terry Rutland, Jacob Kiff, Austin Meenaghan

2016 JV Record: 6-1-1

North Tonawanda Lumberjacks:

Jacks posted excellent record with 6 wins in 2016 but lost in sectional semi-finals. Graduated 19 players but return quality players in All-WNY candidates 6’5”, 250lb Lineman Jordan Holmes, Sean Ferry, Steve Painer, Trevor Cleakney and Jake Meyer.

Other key players include Marcellus Overton who is a candidate for 1,000 yards rushing, Kyle McNeil, Charles Tripi and Nate Brown. The Jacks are returning 14 starters, JVs were 1-8 in 2016. They have some tough match-ups in the first 2 games with Grand Island and Starpoint. Key to season will be play of QB and the line will be a strength. They’ll compete for league and sectional titles. Rhett Stauffer will QB the Jacks this season.

Head Coach: Jeff Alder (first year)

Assistant Coaches: Todi Therrien, Hank Fumerelle, Scott Orndoff, Jeremy Ferry, Sean Williams, Jim Marineck, Steven Franusiak

2016 Varsity Record: 6-3-0

Starters Returning: Offense: 6 Defense: 8

Key Players: Jordan Holmes, Marcellus Overton, Kyle McNeil, Steven Painter, Charles Tripi, Jake Meyer, Trevor Bleakney, Sean Ferry, Nate Brown, Colin Beach, Dylan Normandin, Nick Carterline, Matthew Mange, Rhett Stauffer

Key Losses: Joe Dotterweich, Zack Woodard, Chris Labonte, Austin Tober.

2016 JV Record: 1-8-0

Kenmore West Blue Devils:

The Blue Devils move down a class and look to compete for a league title. They have All-WNY candidates in Erik Rainey and Andrew Fron. Other key players include Jaylen Young, Jacob Robb, James Gregoretti, John Milks and Angelo Costanzo. They’re slated to host Niagara Falls and Starpoint in tough match-ups in their first two games. Sixteen players graduated from the 2016 squad but 11 starters return.

Head Coach: John Haynes (5-4-0, 1yr)

Assistant Coaches: David Idzik, Alex Perry, Matt Harris, Dan Hannon, Brett Besancun, Cory Martin, Matt Chimera, Tim Stoerr, Gary Giglia

2016 Varsity Record: 5-4-0

Starters Returning: Offense: 5 Defense: 6

Key Players: Jaydin Ali, Erik Rainey, Jaylen Young, Jacob Robb, James Gregoretti, Andrew Fron, John Milks, Angelo Costanzo, Michael Denote.

Key Losses: Erriona Giardina, Tyler White, Jahlel St. John

Williamsville South Billies:

Billies will be competitive and have All-WNY candidates in Josh Foster, Don Thomeer, Cody Sanford and Jemelle Jones. Other key players include Nick Huber, Will Lacey, R-son Stone, Alec Miller, Coran Peterson, Joe Battaglia, Matt Jacobs, Alex Urbaniak and Mike Masecchia return as starters. The Billies play Clarence and Kenmore East in their first 2 contests. Keys to the season will be play of QB and line. JVs are 3-16 in the past 2 seasons. Team will vie for league title. They have only 3 home games. They face tough match-ups in weeks 5 and 6 when they face Kenmore West and Starpoint, both away games.

Head Coach: Kraig Kurzanski (122-82-1, 22 yrs)

Assistant Coaches: Chris Glenn, Kevin Lester III, Chris Murphy, Chris Heximer, Rick Tomm, Bill Travis, David Bubar, Trent Fergeson, Luke Falzone, Chris Heximer, Phil Stasiak, Bill Travis

2016 Varsity Record: 5-4-0

Starters Returning: Offense: 4 Defense: 4

Key Players: Josh Foster, Cody Sanford, Dan Thomeer, Nick Huber, Jemelle Jones, Will Lacey, R-Son Stone, Alec Miller, Coran Peterson, Joe Battaglia, Matt Jacobs, Alex Urbaniak, Mike Masecchia

Key Losses: Antwanne Jones, Chris Nelson, Jake Steinmetz, Travis Porterfield.

2016 JV Record: 3-6-0

Grand Island Vikings:

Head Coach Dean Santorio is only 4 wins away from the coveted 100-win mark. Vikings have an All-WNY candidate in Zane “The Rabbit” Johnson. Other key players include Frank DePalma, Cam Sionko and Jaquan Johnson. The Vikings will miss Connor Buzby and JB Wilkes. Their first two games include an away match-up at Kenmore East and hosting North Tonawanda. The team should compete for a playoff berth and the key to the season will be play of the line.

Head Coach: Dean Santorio (96-55-0, 16 yrs)

Assistant Coaches: Steve Steck, Mike Stauffer

2016 Varsity Record: 6-3-0

Starters Returning: Offense: 5 Defense: 5

Key Players: Zane Johnson, Frank DePalma, Cam Sionko, Jaquan Johnson

Key Losses: Connor Buzby, Zach Valvo, JB Wilkes, Jim Thorpe

Sweet Home Panthers:

The Panthers get set for a new era as Rich Lowe, former successful head JV coach, takes over the helm from legendary John Faller. The Panthers have struggled over the past 2 seasons, winning only 4 games. Key players include Ryan Marcil, Josh Rose, Eric Johnson, Maurice Robertson, Joe Torrillo, Tom Rivera and Matt Culp. Sixteen players graduated and 12 return to the squad for the 2017 season. The Panthers have some tough match with the first 2 games against North Tonawanda and Cheetowaga. Key to the season will be improving the defense which gave up 290 points last year, and play of line. Dylan McDuffie, SR RB, has transferred back to the Panthers and is a candidate for 1000 yards rushing

Head Coach: Rich Lowe (1st yr)

Assistant Coaches: Steve Phillips, Jeremy Zimmer, Derek Floyd, Jon Campolo

2016 Varsity Record: 2-6-0

Starters Returning: Offense: 5 Defense: 5

Key Players: Ryan Marcil, Josh Rose, Joe Torrillo, Tom Rivera, Matt Culp, Eric Johnson, Sam Roby, Maurice Robertson, Dylan McDuffie

Key Losses: Nate Fuller, Joe Pandolfi

2016 JV Record: 6-2-0

Williamsville East Flames:

Mike Torrillo, former assistant coach at Sweet Home, is the new Flames head coach. Returning All-WNY candidates include Kevin Steele, who is a tackling machine, and Joe Shifflet. Other key players include John Moran and Danny Wagner. Fifteen players graduated and 10 return for the 2017 season. The Flames will compete for a play-off berth but they have tough match-ups starting with week 1 at Starpoint followed by a Williamsville North in week 2. Key to the season will be to put points on the board. JVs were 2-4-1 in 2016. The Flames will host Sweet Home in week 4 for their first-ever Friday night home game.

Head Coach: Mike Torrillo (1st yr)

Assistant Coaches: Chris Heim, Rob Westmiller

2016 Varsity Record: 4-5

Starters Returning: Offense: 4 Defense: 4

Key Players: Joe Shifflet, Kevin Steele, John Moran, Danny Wagner, Jack Baumler, Clayton Osborne

Key Losses: Matt Gibbs, Drew Butler

2016 JV Record: 2-4-1

Kenmore East Bulldogs:

The Bulldogs have only won one game in the past 2 years but should improve. Key players include Ja’Michael Henderson, Christian Fischer, Ryan Kiristis, Owen Nadrowski and Kahlil O’Neil. Ten players graduated and 21 return for the 2017 season. The Bulldogs host Grand Island and Williamsville South in their first 2 contests. The key to the season will be the need for improvement in defense as the Bulldogs gave up an average of 39 pts per game last year.

Head Coach: Pat Veltri (1-17-0, 2yrs)

Assistant Coaches: Brian Hillman, Keith Brophy, Mike Panepinto, Jim Hersey, Anthony Matthews

2016 Varsity Record: 1-8-0

Starters Returning: Offense: 4 Defense: 5

Key Players: Ja’Michael Henderson, Christian Fischer, Ryan Kiristis, Owen Nadrowski, Kahlil O’Neil

Key Losses: Antonio Scolla

Pre-Season All League Offense:

QB: Aaron Chase - Starpoint
QB: Josh Foster – Williamsville South
QB: Cam Sionko – Grand Island
RB: Marcellus Overton – North Tonawanda
RB: Anthony Robinson - Starpoint
RB: Thomas Rivera – Sweet Home
RB: Dylan McDuffie, Sweet Home
WR: Joe Shifflet – Williamsville East
WR: Zane Johnson – Grand Island
OL: Jordan Holmes – North Tonawanda
OL: Don Thomeer – Williamsville South
OL: Jacob Robb – Kenmore West
OL: Steve Painter – North Tonawanda
OL: Jack Baumler – Williamsville East
OL: Trevor Bleakney – North Tonawanda

Pre-Season All League Defense:

DL: Mike Parisse - Starpoint
DL: Jemelle Jones – Williamsville Souoth
DL: Kyle Schreader - Starpoint
DL: James Gregoretti – Kenmore West
LB: Kevin Steele – Williamsville East
LB: Erick Rainey – Kenmore East
LB: Anthony Robinson - Starpoint
LB: Sam Mazzara - Starpoint
LB: Ja’Michael Henderson – Kenmore East
LB: Erik Rainey, Kenmore West
DB: Sean Ferry – North Tonawanda
DB: Cody Sanford – Williamsville South
DB: Jaylen Young – Kenmore East
RS: Nick Hubler – Williamsville South

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