Commentary by Dick Gallagher

Pat (age 9) asked his parents who was taking him to his baseball game.

Pat’s mother said she couldn’t because she was going shopping with her mother after she dropped Pat off at the field.

His dad said that he couldn’t because he was playing softball for a team at work. His father said “a neighbor would bring him home”. Pat went to his game and in the last inning he hit a double to tie the score and then later scored the winning run.

The coach, players and parents all congratulated Pat and shared in his excitement. The neighbor dropped Pat off at this home. After a while his mother came home and asked how the team did. Pat said we won and left it at that.

The next evening at the dinner table the father said that he learned from the neighbor that Pat helped win his game. “Why didn’t you tell your mother or I what you did?” Pat just shrugged his shoulders and said “last night was the happiest moment I have ever experienced. “Everyone was cheering me but I felt bad you weren’t there to see me”. “I had mixed emotions and just didn’t want to talk about it”.


This story has become too familiar with our families today. Your children need your support, guidance and attention. If your child enters Baseball at age 7 he/she probably will play 100 games until he/ she is 12 years old. Thus for only 200 hrs (2hrs per game) you could see all his/her games. Just think for only 200 hrs of the 52,560 hours (6 years x 24 hrs x 365 days) available to you during his/her youth you could spend the time with your child and cherish the moments.

You can never bring back a day of the child’s youth. We know time travels quickly and pretty soon our little children will be grown and moving out of the house.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say that you enjoyed their childhood because you were a part of it not just learning about it from a neighbor?

Booster Club President of the Week: Sara Funke, Williamsville

Academic Achievers of the Week: Tom Delahoy, CSP (99 GPA); RJ Brandon, Canisius (95 GPA); Jake Giardini, Allegany-Limestone (95 GPA); Nick Huber, Williamsville South (94 GPA)

Top Football Complex: All-High

Referee of the Week: Paul Gagllardi

Athletic Director of the Week: Kevin Salisbury, Southwestern

Top Band: Hamburg

Top Refreshment Stand: Maple Grove

Top JV Program: Sweet Home

Tackling Machine: Jaekwon Ingram Lackawanna

Best Voice: Jack Putney, Clarence

Comedian of the Week: Jemelle Jones, Williamsville South

Best Dressed Jamestown Coach: John O’Brien

Cheerleaders of the Week: West Seneca West

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Starpoint

Top Ambassador: Paul Schintizius, Ad Pro Sports

Top Principal: Mike Gallagher, Hamburg

Most Photogenic Player: Brock Blecha, Franklinville/ Ellicottvilel

Best Fan: Dixie Hunkno, Jamestown

Most Media Friendly Football Program: Williamsville South

Alumnus of the Week: Qadree Ollison, Canisius

Question for the Week: Why are coaches reluctant to have their kicker try field goals?

Best Dancer: Mike Fatta, Cheektowaga

Name for the Week: Santino Caferella, Niagara Falls

Fastest Player of the Week: Dylan Casey, Maryvale (4.59 – 40yds)

Strongest Player of the Week: Emery Marsh, Pioneer (300lb bench press)

Tallest Player of the Week: Jayce Johnson, Canisius 6’5”

Photographer for the Week: Nick Loverde, Amherst Bee

Referee Nickname: Brian “The Hulk” Matday

Best Chain Crew: Grand Island

Best Uniform: Southwestern

Class Acts: Jack Putney and Jon Stevens, Clarence

Best Fans: Southwestern

Best Dressed Coaches: Maryvale

Best Game Program: Maple Grove

Top Stat Keeper: Bryan Bucklin, Southwestern

Most Loquacious: Carl Kuras, Cleveland Hill

Best Trainer: Dylan Jay, Medina

Best Nickname: Christian “Wheels” Snell, Alden

Journalist of the Week: Craig Harvey, Dunkirk Observer

Best Restaurant: Irishman

Most Photogenic Coach: Bill Atlas, Wilson

Superintendent of the Week: Michelle Spasiano, Franklinville

Best Team Nickname: Iroquois Chiefs

Top Assistant to Athletic Director: Kim Wiexzerzynski, Eden

Top Quarterback: Brock Blecha, Franklinville/ Ellicottville

Top Running Back: Nick Fabrizio, Maple Grove

Top Wide Receiver: Paul Woods, Canisius

Top Offensive Lineman: Calik Kennedy, Amherst

Top Defensive Lineman: John Sweat, Cheektowaga

Top Linebacker: Jacob Sarow, Akron

Top Defensive Back: Dylan Bieler, Orchard Park

Top Kicker: Josh Clifton, West Seneca West

Football Slogan: “Talk with your pads, play with your heart

When Dave Munella, Assistant Football Coach at Jamestown plays pool his nickname is “Scratch”

Top Offensive Stars in WNY High School Football

Chris Doubek, Randolph, rushed for 2536 yards to lead the Cardinals to a state title in 2013.

Aaron Leeper, Jamestown RB, rushed for 4295 yards including 2276 yards in 2000 and scored 47 touchdowns in leading the Red Raiders to a 2000 state title.

Jehuu Caulcrick, Clymer, RB, scored 706 points, rushed for 6559 yards in leading the Pirates to 4 consecutive sectional championships.

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis QB, completed 540 of 1126 passes for 7598 yards and 68 touchdowns from 2013 through 2016 to lead the Red Raiders.

Joe Licata, Williamsville South QB, completed 483 of 803 passes for 6671 yards and 87 touchdowns for the Billies from 2008 to 2010.

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park QB, completed 375 of 901 passes for 6294 yards and 61 touchdowns for the Quakers from 2014-2016.

Chad Kelly, St. Joe’s QB, completed 338 of 579 passes for 5209 yards and 51 touchdowns from 2011 to 2013.

Randall Secky, Maple Grove QB, completed 336 of 657 passes for 5915 yards and 31 touchdowns for the Thunderdragons from 1996 through 1999 including a state championship[ in 2014.

Blake Haubeil, Amherst/Canisius K, booted 19 field goals including one of 61 yards which is a WNY record and 165 points from 2013-2016.

Team Captains

Timon/St. Jude: Matt Myers, Jeremiah Sanders

St. Francis: Dawson Tyger

Hutch-Tech: Rodney Bailey

Clarence: Jacob Reger, Ben Wesolowski, Jack Putney, Jon Stevens, Brendan Cimermga

Jamestown: Noah Turzillo, Andrew Pumford

Lockport; Javon Ford, Jason Robillard

McKinley: Miles Haynes, Kaiyer Fields, Taelon Hollamon, Taivonn Martin

Hamburg: Brett Hall, Braden Smith

South Park: Devonte Fountain, Mykel Whigham, Shyquan Broadie, Dylan Farner

Williamsville East: Joe Shifflet

Starpoint: Aaron Chase, Griffin Mack, Mike Parisse

Kenmore West; James Gregoretti

Williamsville South: Dan Thomeer, Nick Huber, Josh Foster, Cody Sanford

North Tonawanda: Jordan Holmes, Kyle McNeil, Dylan NOrmandin

Burgard: Tony Maple, Jovanni Feggans, Marece Archie

Maryvale: Nick Costanzo, Dylan Casey, Connor Desiderio, Rashad Law

Dunkirk: Peyton Moreland, Jamall Gaines, Jaziah Rivera

Tonawanda: Henry Palermo, Reilly Whipple

Newfane: Brandon Gross, Connor Hill, Chad Dunbar

JFK: Jordan Snyder, James Bailey, Sean McGee

Akron: Johnny Fiebelkorn

Wilson: Tristan Guthrie

Allegany/Limestone: Jake Lippert, Jake Giardini, Patrick Walsh

Portville: D.J. Hlasnick

Franklinville/Ellicottville: Brock Blecha, Griffin Chudy

East Aurora/Holland: JJ Anstett, Hunter Czora

Orchard Park: Ryne Deitz, Bryan Strybel

Questions for Members of the 2018 and 2019 Classes

What are you going to do in the off season for you to become a better football player, teammate, and leader?

What will be your workout plan and program be between now and next season?

What commitmen will you make toward improving your academic performance?

Do you know the difference between being good and great? It is you.

You are the engine, driver, and have the keys to your success. You can make a difference and enhance your performance if you work at it. Will you?

Note: First games for the 2018 football season will be played in nine months. Will you be ready?

Alumni Outstanding Performance

Chris Doubek set a WNY record by rushing for 2536 yards, scored 36 touchdowns, and scored 226 points. Chris made first team and All-NYS first team, was a Connolly Cup finalist, and led his team to a state championship, and was selected state player of the year in Class D.

Year Football Programs Were Founded

JFK 1931

Wilson 1946

Cattaraugus/LV 2000

Franklinville/Ellicottville 2014

Frewsburg 1963

Clymer/Sherman/Panama 1941

Toughest Opponents Week 7

Cardinal O’Hara at Steubenville

Depew vs. Lancaster

Jamestown at Orchard Park

Tonawanda at North Tonawanda

Cheektowaga at Maryvale

Bishop Timon won Msgr. Martin Championships in: 19790, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1994, 1999, and 2001. Since 2001, the Tigers haven’t won a championship.

About 5.8 percent or approximately 1 in 17 of all high school senior boys playing interscholastic football will go on to play football at an NCAA member institution.

About 20 percent or approximately 1 in 50 of NCAA senior football players will be drafted by an NFL team.

Approximately 1 in 1,100 or about .09 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic football eventually will be drafted by an NFL team.

Ten Most Photogenic Players

Casey Kelly, St. Joe’s

Kaiyer Fields, McKinley

Max Giordano, Lancaster

Matt Myers, West Seneca West

Anthony Robinson, Starpoint

Parker Valvo, Iroquois

Zak Trim, Maple Grove

Javon Ford, Lockport

Keshone Beal, Cheektowaga

Jayce Johnson, Canisius

Sectional Championship Trivia

27 WNY teams won a sectional title the first time they played in a championship.

9 schools never played in a title game.

16 schools have never won a sectional football championship.

11 schools have never played at New Era Field.

9 schools have won overtime title games.

Randolph has won 6 shutouts in title games.

JFK last played for a championship in 1986.

Orchard Park has played in the most title games with 22 appearances.

Orchard Park has won the most sectional football championships

Top 10 Most Dominant Football Programs in the Max Preps Era (2004-2014)

1. DeLasalle: Record 127-12-2, 5 state titles

2. Don Busco Prep, Record 106-11, 6 state titles

3. Trinity, Reocrd 120-21, 7 state titles

4. Maryville, Record 145-5, 7 state titles

5. Bellevue, Record 127-7, 7 state titles

6. Skyline Sammamish, Record 159-19, 6 state titles

7. Brynes, Record 130-15, 6 state titles

8. Hoover, Record 136-14, 5 state titles

9. South Panola, Record 139-10, 7 state titles

10. Trinity, Record 125-18, 3 state titles

Academic Excellence: Top Ten Grade Point Averages

Andrew Pumford, Jamestown – 100

Dan Thomeer, Williamsville South – 97

Jason Robillard, Lockport – 98

Ryan Mansell, Lancaster – 98

Ian Joseph, Medina – 101

Wake Kless, Pioneer – 99

Melique Straker, St. Francis – 3.7

Seth Dash, Springville – 3.9

Danny Elvers, Lackawanna – 98

RJ Brandon, Canisius – 95

Most State Football Championships

Aquinas 7

Randolph 5

Maine-Endwell 5

Chenango Forks 5

Jamestown 4

Caledonia-Mumford 4

Dobbs Ferry 4

Hornell 3

Rye 3

Edgemont 3

Onondaga 3

Trench Trophy Recipients 2003-1016

2003: John Livingston, Eden

2004: Jason Weber, Orchard Park

2005: Jesse Jesonowski, Iroquois

2006: Gill Rodriguez, Frontier

2007: Nick Christman, Sweet Home

2008: John Urschel, Canisius

2009: Jasen Carlson, Southwestern

2010: Dylan Anna, Pioneer

2011: Devon Leach, Orchard Park

2012: Ryan Hunter, Canisius

2013: Jeremiah Bill, Hamburg

2014: Joe Mistretta, Jamestown

2015: Jake Fuzak, Williamsville South

2016: Nathan Emer, Iroquois

Tips to Be a Winner

Believe and have confidence to play the game the best way you can.

Take time to develop your technique.

Practice with the same effort you have in a game.

Follow an approved nutrition program.

Have a workout program that your coach supports.

Best Average Yards Per Carry For 1000 Yard Rushers

1975: Dave Conklin, Hinsdale – 13.4 yards

2015: Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett – 13.2 yards

2008: Blair Estarfaa, Maryvale – 13 yards

1997: Larry Croft, Forestville – 12.7 yards

2008: Capone Smith, Lackawanna – 12.6 yards

2010: Chad Kelly, St. Joe’s – 12.3 yards

Gary Feagen, Niagara Catholic – 12.2 yards

Bo Haubeil, Amherst is a future All-WNY in 2021.

Msgr. Martin Football Records

Most Extra Points Kicked Career: 82, Paul Bzdak, Archbishop Walsh 1968-1971

Most Field Goals in One Game: 4, P.J. Riga, St. Joe’s 1989

Most Field Goals in One Season: 8, Dallas Pelz, St. Francis 1998

Most Field Goals Kicked Career: 11, Sandro DeAngelis, St. Joe’s 1997-1998.

WNY Players at the University At Buffalo

Zach Emer, Iroquois

Jake Fuzak, Williamsville South

Demone Harris, Bishop Timon

Duke Hwang, Williamsville North

Michael Kenefick, Canisius

Evin Ksiezarczyk, West Seneca East

Billy Meyers, Orchard Park

Tyler Ringwood, Bishop Timon

Devin Lindner, West Seneca

Chris Doubek, Randolph

Kyle Deween, Niagara Falls

Billy Meyers, Orchard Park

Gallagher Updates

Mia and Maeve are 12 and player soccer, basketball, and softball for St. Greg’s and the Town of Amherst.

Mary Claire is 15 and a sophomore at Sacred Heart where she plays basketball and soccer for the Sharks and also plays soccer for a Lancaster team.

Liam is 16 and a senior at St. Joe’s where he has played football and hockey for the Marauders.

Austin is a junior at UNC/Charlotte and is a member of the track and field team.

Morgan graduated from Dusquesne University, was previously employed by the Pittsburgh Penguins and currently is working in Pittsburgh as a marketing specialist for PNC Park.

Dillon is 25. He graduated from UNC/Charlotte and is currently working on his masters and teaching certificate. His goal is to become a teacher and a coach, probably in North Carolina.

All 7 grandchildren are excelling academically.

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