Booster Club President of the Week: Liz Breyer, Alden

Academic Achievers of the Week:

Dan Thomeer, Williamsville South (96 GPA)
Aaron Chase, Starpoint (95 GPA)
Nick Costanzo, Maryvale (95 GPA)
Seth Dash, Springville (3.9 GPA)

Top Football Complex: Grand Island

Referee of the Week: Jim Dimartino

Athletic Director of the Week:
Randy Knaak, Albion

Top Band: Lockport

Top Refreshment Stand: Lancaster

Top JV Program: Lancaster

Tackling Machine: Miles Haynes, McKinley

Best Voice: Maurece Gayton, Olean

Comedian of the Week: Kyle Schreader, Starpoint

Best Dressed Jamestown Coach: Arrick Davis

Cheerleaders of the Week: Maryvale

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Maryvale

Best Chain Crew: Kenmore East

Best Uniform: Sweet Home

Class Act: Michon Dudley, Cardinal O’Hara

Best Fans: Hamburg

Best Dressed Coaches: Jamestown

Best Game Program: Depew

Top Statistician: Joe Biondo, Orchard Park

Best Announcer: Peter Sugg, Williamsville South

Most Loquacious: Todd Therrien, North Tonawanda

Trainer of the Week: Adam Domoroes, Clarence

Best Nickname: Miles “Rambo” Haynes, McKinley

Journalist of the Week: Patrick Nagy, Amherst Bee

Best Restaurant: Sorrentino’s

Top Ambassador: Miggy Rodriguez, Buffalo News

Top Principal: Sabatino Cimato, Hutch-Tech

Most Photogenic: Noble and London Smith, Lackawanna

Best Fan: Matt Palma, Referee

Most Media Friendly Football Program: Pioneer

Alumnus of the Week: Jordan Johnson, Sweet Home

Question for the Week: Which school has the best athletic complex?

Best Dancer: Jared Maurino, West Seneca East

Name for the Week: Da’rod Dabney, JFK

Fastest Player of the Week: Paul Woods, Canisius (4.4-40 yards)

Strongest Player of the Week: Anthony Robinson, Starpoint (310lbs bench)

Tallest Player of the Week: Dan Thomeer, Williamsville South (6’4)

Photographer of the Week: Taylor Nigrelle, Amherst Bee

Referee Nickname: Jim “Rambo” Dimartino

Most Photogenic Coach: Scott Zipp, Cheektowaga

Superintendent of the Week: Dr. Scott Martz Loff, Williamsville

Best Team Nickname: Grand Island Vikings

Top Assistant to Athletic Director: Dawn Emerson, Depew

Top Quarterback: Terry Gray, Frewsburg

Top Running Back: Dylan McDuffie, St. Francis

Top Wide Receiver: Max Giordano, Lancaster

Top Offensive Lineman: Tariq Whitaker, Cheektowaga

Top Defensive Lineman: JeJuan Sparks, St. Francis

Top Linebacker: Jovanni Feggans, Burgard

Top Defensive Back: Jacob Reger, Clarence

Top Kicker: Max Giordano, Lancaster

Most Versatile: Kenyetta Huston, Canisius


Jaekwon “The Stork” Ingram, Lackawanna

Matt “Thunder” Kitcho, Wilson

Andrew “Diesel” Pumford, Jamestown

Syquan “Dr Sack” Rolands, Niagara Falls

Anthony “Gladiator” Robinson, Starpoint

Storman “Norman” Gilbert, St. Joe’s

Ugene “Crackerjack” Harrison, Albion

Toughest Opponents, Week 5

St. Francis at Cathedral Prep

Burgard vs. Cheektowaga

Lockport at Orchard Park

Cardinal O’Hara vs. Canisius

St. Joe’s at Cardinal Mooney

Memorable Achievements of WNY High School Football

Blake Haubeil, Canisius K, being selected to the USA Today All-American first team in 2016.

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis QB, passed for the most yards in a career with 7610.

Joe Licata, Williamsville South QB, passed for a WNY record 87 touchdowns in his career (2008-2010).

155 WNY Alumni have played professional football with the majority in the NFL.

WNY High School Football teams have won 22 state football championships.

From 2012-2016, Section VI football had the most first team All-State players and most players on All-State team than any other section

Best Names

Shyquan Brodie, South Park
Faizon Munir, Southwestern
Jemelle Jones, Williamsville South
Nicklos Streuber, Wilson
Shyheim Jakes, Albion
Calik Kennedy, Amherst
Brillance Johnson, Albion

WNY Alumni Outstanding Performance: Frank Pavicich, Niagara Wheatfield 1996-1997.

The Falcon was one of the top and toughest players ever to play in WNY. He was the only two time winner of the Buffalo News Player of the Year and won the Connolly Cup in 1997. Pavicich led his team to the state playoffs in 2 consecutive years. He dominated on both sides of the ball, made big plays every game and was named player of the decade defensively in WNY. He also earned All-WNY and All-State honors in both years.

Cleveland Hill has won 3 consecutive sectional title games in 2012, 2013, and 2016. Overall the Golden Eagles are 7-3 in section championship football games.

Maple Grove has played in 18 sectional football championships, winning 8 and losing 10. From 2011 through 2016, the Red Dragons have played in 6 consecutive title games, winning 4 and losing 2.

Clarence has played in 11 title games winning 6 and losing 5. The Red Devils last appearance was in 2010 when they defeated Orchard Park 31-28 on a last second field goal.

Springville has played in 14 championship football games winning 6 and losing 8. Their last sectional title was in 1996 when the Griffiths also won a state title.

Jamestown has played in 18 sectional title games winning 11 and losing 7. From 2011 through 2014, the Red Raiders played in 4 consecutive title games, winning 2 and losing 2. In 2014, they won sectional and state titles. They also won 3 on other state titles in 1993, 1994, and 2000.

Grand Island has played in 13 sectional title games winning 6 and losing 7. From 1989 through 1992, the Vikings won 4 consecutive championships outscoring opponents 98-17.

Recruiting Tip

In your son has played and excelled as a sophomore or junior, don’t wait until their senior season is over to make college football coaches aware of his talent. If you wait, it will be more difficult for him to receive a scholarship.

Many major colleges know whom they are recruiting prior to the beginning of the football season. Thus, the number one cardinal rule in recruiting is don’t wait until your senior year is over.

Some high school coaches are tremendous advocates for their players. They send fils, respond to questionnaires from colleges, return phone calls, etc. Others however will do very little for their players and some even treat it as a nuisance or imposition on their time.

To protect your interest, take the initiative to work with your coach to develop a plan for marketing your son and/or hire a recruiting service. A 5 minute highlight film should also be sent.

Fact: There are 24 hours in a day. That is a gift. Eight hours for sleeping, eight hours for school and studying, and what you do with the other eight hours defines who you are.

City of Buffalo teams have won 6 league titles since joining Section VI in 2010.

Best Mascot: South Park

Wrestling makes better football players

Best WGRZ Athletes: Boomer Connell, Michael Wooten, Andy DeSantis and Jeff Cobb

Quote for the Week: On the 8th day, God created football.

WNY Teams With The Most Professional Football Players

St. Joe’s 13

Canisius 11

Orchard Park 7

Masten Park 6

Williamsville North 6

St. Francis 6

North Tonawanda 5

Clarence 4

Lafayette 4

West Seneca West 4

Frontier 4

Year Football Program Founded

Fredonia 1901

Olean 1893

Springville 1898

Pioneer 1971

Eden 1930

East Aurora 1922

Depew 1912

Most Section VI Football Titles

Orchard Park 14

Jamestown 11

Randolph 10

Lackawanna 9

Salamanca 9

Sweet Home 8

Most Losses

Maple Grove 10

Springville 8

Sweet Home 8

Jamestown 7

Lancaster 7

Grand Island 7

For A Successful Football Program

Coaches coach.

Players play.

Referees referee

Parents support

Band plays music

Cheerleaders cheer

Announcers announce

Bus drivers drive

Note: Each of the above have their own responsibilities and no one interferes with the other. The result is a successful program.

Wrestlers Who are Solid Football Players Include:

Anthony Robinson, Starpoint

Calik Kennedy, Amherst

Joe Andreessen, Lancaster

Caleb Riordan, Pioneer

Jake Sarrow, Akron

Jaquan Johnson, Grand Island

Robbie Penhollow, Falconer

Icar Simon, Olean

Dan Torres, Falconer

Corey Keefe, Falconer

Msgr. Martin Football Records

Most Yards Receiving in One Game: 261, Jordan Williams, Timon/St. Jude 2011

Most Yards Receiving in One Season: 1094, Anderson Winston, Turner-Carroll 1996

Most Yards Receiving Career: 1812, Anthony Fulhma, Canisius 2006-2008

Most Extra Points Kicked in One Season: 44, Dom Buccieri, St. Francis 2011

Commentary by Dick Gallagher: John’s Story

John was a happy youngster as he had just received a letter of inquiry from the University of Michigan concerning his football ability. John was only a sophomore, 6’3, 180 pounds and ran the 40 in 4.6 seconds.

John’s parents were ecstatic as they hoped that John would be able to use his athletic talents to obtain a scholarship to college. In John’s junior year, he made All-WNY and All-NYS and he received over 40 letters from colleges and universities throughout the country.

In John’s senior year, his team won the championship and he again made All-WNY and All-State The parents at this time were anticipating several schools offering their son a scholarship. But as time passed after the football season, the letters stopped coming and no college had offered any type of scholarship. In fact, the schools John applied to rejected his application.

John was becoming more frustrated and his parents started to blame the coaching staff for not doing more for him. What John and his parents didn’t understand was that all of the time that he had spent on athletics, John did very little school work. Thus his grades were such that when the college coaches reviewed his transcripts, they realized immediately that they would not be able to get John admitted to their institution.

The sad part of this was that John had the ability to improve his academics but chose to do otherwise and in the long run he paid a big price.

A lesson to all athletes is that to achieve your maximum potential, you need to make sure that you don’t neglect your academic. Otherwise, John’s story will also be your story.

For every hour you spend training for football, you should be spending at least 2 hours on your academics.

NYS Football 2017 Facts

- 625 teams will play high school football in NYS this season

- 164 will play in Class AA

- 157 will play in Class A

- 135 will play in Class B

- 90 will play in Class C

- 79 will play in Class D

- The most teams in Class AA are 28 in Section II

- The most teams in Class A are 27 in Section VIII

- The most teams in Class B are 18 in Section VI (WNY)

- The most teams in Class C are 17 in Section V (Rochester)

- The most teams in Class D are 21 in Section III (Syracuse)

- Section V (Rochester) and Section VI (WNY-Buffalo have the most merged programs with 15 East.

- Section VI has the most schools merged with one team as Bennett has players from 6 other schools and Hutch-Tech has players from 5 other schools. Clymer/Panama/Sherman merged and Westfield/Brocton/Fredonia also has merged. All other mergers in Section VI include only 2 teams.

Ten Most Photogenic Head Coaches:

- Mike Torrillo, Williamsville East

- Eric Rupp, Lancaster

- Glen Graham, Cleveland Hill

- Tom Langworthy, Jamestown

- Jeff Tripp, Hamburg

- Jehuu Caulcrick, Southwestern

- Dean Santorio, Grand Island

- Jim Maurino, West Seneca East

- Shaquille Dudley, Cardinal O’Hara

- Tim Delaney, South Park

Top 15 Most Dominant Programs

By Max Preps

In New York (2007-2016)

1. Aquinas, 4 state titles

2. Chenango Forks, 3 state titles

3. St. Anthony’s

4. Maine-Endwell, 4 state titles

5. Orchard park, 2 state titles

6. Monroe/Woodbury, 4 state runner ups

7. Randolph, 4 state titles

8. Hornell, 3 state titles

9. New Rochelle, 1 state title

10. Burnt Hills, 1 state title

11. Sweet Homes, 2 state titles

12. Canisius , 2 state titles

13. Rush Henrietta, 1 state title

14. Dobbs Ferry, 2 state titles

15. Archbishop Stepinac

Top JV Teams 2015-2016

Cheektowaga 16 - 0

Williamsville North 16 - 0

Lancaster 17 - 2

Starpoint 13 -1 - 1

Franklinville/Ellicottville 14 - 2

Clarence 14 - 4

South Park 12 - 4

McKinley 12 – 4 - 1

Canisius 12 – 5 - 1

CSP 11 – 2 - 1

Timon/St. Jude 1-3-0

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